Loki Year 2016: THOR, the movie

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We’re on our first installment of the Loki Year 2016! Today is time to enjoy THOR, the movie! We’re going to explore the film, not only for the sake of enjoying the movie as it is but also from another perspective. Did you know that Loki might be the Geek of Asgard? Or that he is hurt because he’s surrounded by jocks? That maybe he wants to perform better than Thor so that Odin approves of him? Let’s explore the movie, have fun, and discover a lot more about the Loki of the MCU!

To have a whole picture of Loki, we’ll need to watch the deleted scenes as well. There are some scenes that were cut and that explain why Loki does what he does. He’s acting out of being hurt. Granted, that’s not the correct path, but to understand him, we need to take a look at those as well.

Important points to take into mind when watching the film:

  • In THOR, Loki must be around 1047 years old. This puts him as a teenager, roughly a 17 year old brat. Thor is older than Loki is, but not much older. So, what we’re watching in the movie is a tantrum of two teenage boys!!! Okay, that’s a tantrum of epic proportions! If you take this into account, Thor and Loki become a jock and a geek to gain the favors of the father, Odin.
  • To have a great hero you need first a great villain! Thor is a spoiled and arrogant guy that only thinks about becoming a king and wage war. He is hot tempered and easy to put into action. He uses his muscles, not his brains! As the movie unfolds itself, we see the cunning Loki plotting to make his figure appealing to his father, while Thor goes from spoiled brat to hero. Have you heard about the hero’s journey plot? Well, here it is! However, the more intelligent, cunning and strong the villain is, the more the hero shines. Simply put: if Loki had not done what he did, Thor would have remained the same!
  • Loki was, indeed, made King of Asgard (see deleted scene). So when he states in later movies that he is the rightful King, he isn’t lying. However, he does use lies and half truths to preserve himself. He is a survivor, but also an extremely sensitive person. And that is why he is so emotional. But, the difference with Thor is that he thinks carefully what he’ll do net.
  • He has daddy issues. He is an adopted Frost Giant, too tiny to make it with his real father. Or, is he? We see in the movie that Odin takes him to Asgard. But this could also be considered as a spoil of war. Odin gives him an education and raises him to be a King to put him on Jotunheim’s throne, so he can have someone who would be a friend to Asgard. No wonder Loki ends up ranting to his own dad.
  • Mama Frigga has nothing to say… Asgard is a patriarchy, and so Odin decides whatever he wants to decide without even asking the Queen. So, if we take a look at the deleted scene when Frigga complains to Odin about her son, he simply says he is the King, and he decides…
  • Take a closer look at all the clothing of all characters in the film. What does the clothing tell you about Loki? This includes the colors (green/red). Does Loki perform a different role within Asgardian society? What about Sif? Take a closer look at these two and digg in what rules these two might be breaking (or not).
  • That pole dancing at the end of the movie was amazing, wasn’t it? What scenes do you think make fanfic explode into flames? What ships do you say are the most compelling in Thor?
  • Thor states that magic is nothing else but unknown science. Thus, Marvel has a bogus relationship between magic and science. If Loki is the God of Mischief, and master of magic in Asgard, do you think this makes of him the ultimate Asgardian Geek? Think about it: magic is science, right?

Give us a Kiss!

Perhaps Thorki was born here. Or, maybe with the pole-dancing scene. How do you think these scenes influenced in the ship?

Passion and deceit!

We can see Loki putting ideas into Thor’s head, but we can also see Thor bursting into fire. His passion comes from not thinking. It’s also worth noting about Sif’s status within Asgardian society. A female warrior who is breaking the rules (most are men… so..??)

The Rightful King of Asgard.

When Loki says that he is the rightful King of Asgard, he is actually telling the truth. However, only his mother saw the coronation, and the rest of people just don’t believe him.

Okay, here you had some guidance. Enjoy the movie, enjoy discovering all the tiny details! Next week we’ll take a closer look at Loki’s personality!

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Next LOKIsday we’ll be discovering who Loki really is! (From “Geek Anthropology of Loki’s Army,” first chapter). Join us during this Loki Year 2016! Get Loki!

loki, loki's army, loki book, geek anthropology, geek anthropology of loki's army, depepi, depepi.com

What we know so far:

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