Jessica Jones: Booze and Chills

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Jessica Jones is a masterpiece! I loved Daredevil, but Jessica Jones is a must watch. Be warned though: booze and chills will plague your dreams. I usually don’t get the chills watching shows, but I must tell you that Killgrave is so spooky that I had nightmares! He’s all too real. This supervillain uses his powers in a way that many abused women know. And that’s what makes him so spooky. This story got under my skin. And yes, I will never be able to see Dr. Who again in the same light. The Purple Man just made it happen. [Amazing interpretation, but also a scary one!]

[MILD SPOILERS: if you haven’t seen the show yet, please consider to do it before reading this post. I know that there are lots of spoilers around already, but just in case be advised to skip if you haven’t seen it yet. If you haven’t seen it but are thinking about to what length the villain is spooky: he left me shitless. So far, this is the villain of your worst dreams! So, be advised about it too when you start watching the show!]

marvel, marveline, jessica jones, killgrave, depepi,

Jessica is a survivor of supervillain abuse. She is broken and trying to do her best with her life. If I attempted to drink the amount of alcohol she does, I would have no liver at all. She has super strength and she uses it as a private detective to solve cases. Around her many other characters range from broken victims of Killgrave (the spooky villain), to potential victims if he happens to get in their way. And we also get to explore the solutions they come with when Killgrave happens.

Jessica is a victim of abuse, and she tries to cope in her own way. Other characters do it in different ways, and we can see how they come up with different solutions for the same thing. Broken, devastated and trying to explain something that is too terrible and unbelievable by others. Victims get victimized twice: when the villain strikes, then when society don’t believe them.

marvel, marveline, jessica jones, killgrave, depepi,

This show isn’t perfect, but it’s one of the best regarding representation out there. We get lots of women on the screen. We get almost a half-half ratio with female and male characters on screen. We also get strong willed women and men who come up with different solutions according to their personalities and not according to stereotypes. And we also get more black people onscreen. Granted, Jessica Jones couldn’t touch every single topic, but as a whole it did it greatly. [We need more of this!!! More representation please!!!]

I’ve read in some blogs that it felt like women were too noisy. However, I believe that it’s stereotypes that make us believe so. Jessica Jones has as many female characters as male characters, plots and subplots with both genders going on. What we see is people trying to manage their lives. Because we are used to seeing a bigger ratio of male onscreen, when we see more female characters packing it we feel that they’re noisy. We’re not used to something that should be the normal rule!

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Jessica Jones is also related to Daredevil. We can see the “supernurse” that is helping patching up heroes so they can keep on taking care of people. The Marvel Universe of Daredevil and Jessica Jones is a spookier one than the one we can see in films. It’s an adult, scary and harsh world where Superheroes are actually broken. We can see them so close to us, to reality that their problems knock hard and loudly to our doors. And while Matt Murdock remains in the shadows behind a mask, Jessica jumps into the spotlight because she is able to get rid of Killgrave: one of the spookiest Marvel supervillains, if not the scariest of them all so far!

I was hooked and spooked in same proportions. I wanted to keep watching the show, and yet I wanted to stop watching it. All because Killgrave was messing with people’s minds, making them do hideous things to themselves and others. Be warned: you see blood, and some scenes are disgusting. Even if you cannot see the gross of it all, the suggestion of it all, and seeing all the blood around are enough for you to feel repulsion towards the supervillain.

marvel, marveline, jessica jones, killgrave, depepi,

Jessica Jones is a masterpiece. She is one of the most badass superheroes out there. A broken and messed up being who is trying to make sense of her world and what happened to her. She owns the screen. She survives and keeps on fighting.

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