Jetpack 2015 Review! Happy results!

jetpack, review 2015, depepi,, happy new year

More Happy New Year data! I got the Jetpack 2015 review yesterday night, and I was delighted with the happy results! Since I started using it, I’ve got 16K visits on the blog. For some of you, this might be a small number, but for me, it’s the total proof that not only my family and friends are reading what I write. [Unless they’re constantly refreshing the same post all over again eternally.] I am also super happy to know that the busiest day was all about the book I wrote about Loki: Geek Anthropology of Loki’s Army! I cannot be happier! Thank you!

But, what else was in Jetpack’s 2015 Review?

jetpack, review 2015, depepi,, happy new year

Okay, according to this I should talk more about Viking women. My star post of all times is still the same! I wrote it back in 2014 and is still read ad nauseam by you! This proves that badass women rock! Also, taking a closer look at the topics that are more read across the blog we find that they’re almost all related to Geek Anthropology. Cool! (Yup, I’m doing the mental happy dance at the moment.)

jetpack, review 2015, depepi,, happy new year

Wonderful people from 122 different countries are reading me! How cool is that!? The star one is the United States. I love you guys!! Followed by Spain and the UK. You’re amazing! But I want to thank also people from everywhere who decide to stop by and read this crazy blog. You’re amazing! Thank you!

jetpack, review 2015, depepi,, happy new year

I’m also super delighted to find these gorgeous bloggers as my top commenters! If you don’t know them yet, please visit their blogs!! These girls rock!

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