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Tuesday Geek Girls Guide: Once a Pirate, Always a Pirate

Welcome to a sexy Tuesday geek girls guide (GGG)! You know, once a pirate, always a pirate! This time, we explore how magic always comes with a price in the world of Once Upon a Time (OUAT). If you’ve always liked Disney, or if you don’t, but you like the version that OUAT gives you, you’re in the right fandom. Snowwhite is a badass archer, the Evil Queen has the best lines, you love and hate Rumpel to the same degree, but you oh-so-love that piercing looking eye smoldering pirate. Who can resist Hook? (No one!) If you like to explore fairy tales from another perspective, welcome! You’ll be Hooked in no time!

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Even if I’m so Hooked, the reality is that you won’t find him in the first season. I started to watch the show because it intrigued me. How can fairy tales be told in a different way? In our time? It was definitely not what I expected, and thanks to that I loved it! I must admit that I’m not a fan of Snow White, but I love what they’ve done with the stories of many characters (with some exceptions). If you enter into this fandom, prepare yourself to want to want more of Storybrooke and its inhabitants! One of the strong points of the show is its villains. I know it sounds bizarre, but most of the villains are highly multilayered, making them available to your heart. And some of the villains happen to be heroes as well. Ready for the journey into OUAT?

Fans of OUAT call themselves Oncers. They love to ship characters, some like spoilers, and many swoon with the sexiest pirate on earth. Those who love Captain Hook to the bone, are called Hookers, and will go wherever to save him [with or without Swan coming along.] Some Oncers are a little bit angry because the show decided to kill off Merlin, and others are cool with it. [I’m personally NOT cool with it, it was a great character!] Some just love villains, and others just promo the good guys. Let’s see which side you’re on!

1. Binge-watch the show from season one to season 5 winter finale. (You have time until March). Seriously: do it now!

Season 1 is a blast. I liked it because you have to figure out who are the characters of the fairy tales while you’re coping with the fact that they’re different from what you know. Plus, you’ve got lots of badass female heroes! And pretty good villains.

So, season 2 is all about what happens when magic comes, and two worlds collide? Emma Swan reveals herself as the hero and starts believing in Magic. But, what happens when magic comes to town and people do remember who they really are?

In Season 3 we go to Neverland! And yes! We are going to enjoy lots of Hook screen here! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I won’t spoil this too much, if not, binge-watching isn’t going to be that fun!

Did you like Frozen? Welcome to a badass season with a Snow Queen, lots of action, and lots of drama as well.

And here we’re in the middle of the 5th season. I won’t spoil this too much. Just, binge-watch everything till you arrive at this point. Seriously. You’ll enjoy it!

2. Those wonderful OUAT Ships!

If you love OUAT, you will end caught up in shipping canon and non-canon ships. For example:

Captain Swan (Captain Hook/Killian Jones x Emma Swan/The Savior)

ouat, once upon a time, captain hook, hookers, killian jones, captain swan, depepi,

Swan Queen (Emma Swan x Evil Queen/Regina Mills)

swan queen, emma swan, evil queen, ouat, once upon a time, depepi,, ships, geek anthropology, fan fiction

Rumbelle (Rumpelstiltskin x Belle)

rumbelle, ouat, once upon a time, depepi,

Outlaw Queen (Robin Hood x Evil Queen)

outlaw queen, ouat, once upon a time, depepi,

Snowing (Snow White x Prince Charming)

snowing, snow white, prince charming, ouat, once upon a time, depepi,

Dragon Queen (Maleficent x Evil Queen)

dragon queen, evil queen, maleficent, ouat, once upon a time, depepi,

Mad Swan (Mad Hatter x Emma Swan)

mad hatter, mad swan, emma swan, ouat, once upon a time, depepi,

Sleeping Captain (Sleeping Beauty/Aurora x Captain Hook/Killian Jones)

sleeping captain, ouat, once upon a time, depepi,

Sleeping Warrior (Sleeping Beauty x Mulan)

sleeping warrior, ouat, once upon a time, depepi,

And many others that you can find here. But I must warn you, my favorite one is:

ouat, once upon a time, captain hook, hookers, killian jones, captain swan, depepi, ouat, once upon a time, captain hook, hookers, killian jones, captain swan, depepi,

3. You start believing that Magic comes with a price. So, you do the Rumple.

Everyone knows that Magic comes with a price. Hence, you start giving up your rates to all those friends who want you to fix their blog, computers and lives. Doing the Rumple has never been so fun!

rumple, ouat, once upon a time, depepi,

4. You want to Cosplay Hook, find your Swan and rock Disney (not necessarily in that order).

Because… who needs more reasons than these?

hook, captain hook, killion jones, once upon a time, oncer, hooker, hookers, hooked, depepi,, loki, loki's army, lokisday

5. You need the Pop family as soon as possible!

killian jones, funko, funko pop, regina, ouat, depepi,

captain swan, emma swan, captain hook, killion jones, funko, funko pop, funko friday, funko love, depepi,

Rumple is arriving soon! Yay! But, since I’m not so much of a fan of Snow White and Charming, I must say that they won’t make it into my Pop collection. However, I might change my mind in the future, just in case I want all the OUAT pops.

6. Once you’ve binge watched the show, you laugh at things other mortals won’t.

I give just two examples because you can find tons of them in Tumblr. Yes! Tumblr is the place to go to find all this crazy stuff. [For the record, I must be having just a moment as the Doctor down here.]

oncer, laugh, depepi,

neverland, ouat, depepi,

7. You need to whisper into someone’s heart to make him/her do whatever you want. It has to glow!

regina, evil queen, ouat, once upon a time, fandom, fandom shopping, fandom merch, geek fashion, depepi,

This ripped out heart does exist!! If you want to do exactly like the Evil Queen does, rip some hearts out and wisper stuff to make them slaves, you need this repro. This is the coolest thing ever! Seriously!

8. Read fanfic, write it, draw fan art and share it with the world!

Find a community online that you love and where you can read and share all types of fanfic and fan art. OUAT communities are very diverse. Some like only canon stories, others are more open and you can find there whatever can pop up into you head! Explore and find your tribe!


Want to cosplay, wear geek fashion, go LARPing as Hook, gather some friends and read fanfic out loud? Do whatever you want to enjoy, promote and share the feels with other Oncers! This fandom is cursed! [In a good way!]

captain swan, killian jones, emma swan, dark swan, dark hook, ouat, once upon a time, geek anthropology, anthropology, depepi,, ships, fan fiction

  • Shelby Y

    I do love this show but I am behind I need to get season 3 and 4 on dvd and catch up. I already have 1 and 2, that’s why I want a hard copy of the next ones.

    • You’re going to love them all! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m planing to binge-watch the show again. I have time till March, so~ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Yay!! Not going to lie, I was definitely into Swan Queen before I fell in love with Hook. I do know one person who can resist Hook’s charms though…my husband absolutely HATES him. Such a brat:P

    • xDDDD Bahahahaaha Okay I keep Swan for me, you can keep Regina :p Then I kidnap Hook LOL Well, my sweetpot it’s a little bit of a Hook ๐Ÿ˜‰ I only need to dress him up 3:) [That moment when you write down the things you should be keeping secret under a fake name in fanfic circles LOL ] xDDDDDDD

      • Haha! I never thought to use a fake name when writing my fanfics, but I’m sure I’d be a lot bolder if I did:P

        • xDDDDDD I will not confess about changing Hook’s hook for fancy 21st Century sexy toys LOL OMG! Hang on!? Did I!??? LOL LOL LOL

  • I can’t believe I completely forgot about The Mad Hatter! He was a great story arc and I wish he’d lasted a bit longer in the show. I know the actor went off and stared in Winter Solider and also I love the arch with Pinocchio and then they changed it and I loved what was going on there!!

    • Oh yeah! The Winter Soldier is the Mad Hatter :p I loved him as the Mad Hatter. I wished they would have done more stuff (since I love Alice in Wonderland). August/Pinocchio was also super cool! Let’s see if we can see more of them in the future??? (I think that the Mad Hatter will be difficult tho~)

      • Yeah, I highly doubt he will return. But Marvel is Disney and so is OUAT so who knows…

        • Hmmm yeah, both are Disney, but still…. hmmm no idea… There’s OUAT in Wonderland, but I haven’t seen it yet… maybe I should LOL

  • I’m totally a Oncer. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    • Me too!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ [HOOKER at heart!!!!]