Funko Friday: Show us one of your Funko and tell us about it

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Welcome to another Funko Friday! This time, we have to show a Funko and tell about it. Well, I decided to show two Funkos and tell about them. I couldn’t put them apart since they’re adorable together. If you are mischievously thinking about ships, this is not the time for it! We’re visiting the Minions! I’m a super fan of these banana-like creatures! I just love them. When Funko Pop released the second batch of Minions, I had to have two of them. They were too funny as to not make it on my working desk! Want to know what Minions made it?

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The Crominion and the Island Minion Au Naturel. These are too funny as not to stare back at me while I work. They’re screaming “smile back at us” all the time! So, why did I take these two Kings of bananas? Because I love Minions, and they are too funny. No more reasons than those. [If you expected anything deep and philosophical, I have nothing but bananas for you today.]

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Aren’t they adorable? [If you haven’t noticed it yet, I’m a villain, and villains need Minions :p So that might be the main reason to have these two small fellows on my working desk.]

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