Fandom Friday: 5 Black Friday NEEDS

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Welcome to a mischievous fandom Friday! Black Friday is here, and I already bought some of the stuff that I listed below. [Plus I added some stuff that you cannot get in real life, not during Black Friday, not during Xmas, not ever! You’ll discover that later on.] Because I’m quite a weirdo when it comes to shopping, I do most of the shopping online. I get really tired when I try to buy clothing. I go out with the intention to buy a shirt, and once I’m in the shop, with all the people around and too many things to choose from, I get blocked. So, it might happen that I end up buying nothing! Basically, I am unable to see anything around me anymore, and even if I had the deal of the century I would be blind to it! Funny, isn’t it? [Specially if you’re trying to buy some clothing in whatever shop in Tokyo and get confused because there are too many people around you, like you feel trapped, and then there are too many things to choose from, so you get so tired that you need to escape the place… without buying anything!] So, what do I need this Black Friday?

1. We Love Fine Star Trek TNG Cardigan.

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I’m a Trekker and I need this! [In fact, I ordered it already!] I entered the fandom thanks to my mother. We would watch together the episodes of Star Trek TNG. Even though my favorite characters are Data and Captain Picard, my choice is that of another department. No red shirt, no yellow shirt, but the blue one. People tell me I am good giving pieces of advice. I’m sure that I’m going to nail it with the proper uniform! [Note: I love We Love Fine geek fashion!! I’m hooked!]

2. Killian Jones Funko Pop.

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Lately, I’m just obsessing over a certain pirate (well, Captain Swan, to be more exact). So, I just discovered that Captain Hook has a version without the Hook, so I had to have it. [Yes, already ordered with a wonderful discount, yay!] Once I get it I’ll be able to take these silly pictures in which you can see him happy with his hand, and then with the Hook. [The silliest reason to get a pop, ever!]

3. Regina Funko Pop.

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I am not obsessing over Regina, the Evil Queen, but she is awesome. If the Evil Queen can make it to light, so anyone else! I like the character a lot, and since I have a Maleficent pop (Disney version with a green face), I thought that it would be a great idea to add another villain to my collection. Besides, the pop is awesome! [Yes, she is going to travel home along with Killian!]

4. Shark Attack Bowl.

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This is the silliest thing ever, but I wish I could have it with a great Black Friday discount [but it won’t happen, not this year at least]. How cool would it be to take your salads in this bowl? You know, put some veggies, and then on top of it lots of tomatoes! It sounds funny! The evil shark attack salad bowl!

5. The Red Swingline Stapler.

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Okay, I need this! [Not ordered yet, but I seriously need it for my working desk!] I want to pet it in this way when someone visits me to ask something about my work:

The Red Swingline Stapler, fandom, fandom friday, depepi,

I don’t know if you remember the film Office Space but this guy was a psycho! Everyone just ignored him! And he loved his red swingline stapler! So, he wispered that he would put the building on fire (because the bully took it away from him). If you don’t know the movie, just take a look at it. It’s hilarious!

[Stuff that I need on a Black Friday, but that it won’t happen because… it’s fiction!]


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I won’t spoil you the show, so, if you haven’t seen Once Upon a Time yet, do it. It’s nice… and hot. And it happens to have a couple of doom. They are pure doom for the eyes and feels and thoughts. There goes my mind when I see them! [Bonkers] It doesn’t happen often but, if they were real, I would bring them home! Forever! [I promise: no spoilers. They’re in the process of getting together, together for real. Kind of. Now, dear writers of OUAT, better bring them a happy ending!]


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Another weakness! These two were so hot together! And also dangerous. I mean, they look great together, but bringing them at home if they were real would be crazy. I envision mini wars, plots and nights of mayhem after drinking mead. I like it that it’s just fiction! Anyway: weakness!


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And since I’m talking about fictional ships that I would gladly bring home, I would also get the real Enterprise on this Black Friday. [And this would be the home I would bring the above-mentioned ships… well.. Captain Swan, because Lagartha and Ragnar would probably end up making a mini war inside… so, only Captain Swan if I get the real Enterprise!] Oh! The possibilities with this ship! I would make it so!

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