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I thought I would share with you a book reading list from time to time. I want to start with books related to Geek Anthropology, one of my passions. Most of them are related to fandom studies. Fandoms are one of the greatest ways by which we can explore human behavior and digital and analog cultures. Some of these books are essentials to start exploring fandoms from a different point of view, not just as a fan or insider who enjoys them. Take them, however, with a pinch of salt, and compare what they say with your own experiences. Will you take this ride with me?

books, bibliography, book reading list, wish list, geek anthropology, anthropology, depepi,

Understanding Fandom : An Introduction to the Study of Media Fan Culture is a must read if you are interested in all things fandom and have an idea on how academics look at it. It contains a lot of juicy information, however there are some things that are a little bit itchy and I personally don’t agree with them (those realted to fan fiction). Despite this, this book is a jewel! It’s a good staring point on how to take a look at fandoms. If you are a fan, this will help you take a look from another perspective to your favorite fandoms.

Celebrity Culture is a treasure. What is celebrity culture exactly? Where does it come from? How do celebrities behave? And us as their consumers? I really enjoyed this book! It poses really good questions and it makes you take a look at “media” in a different light.

Starstruck : When a Fan Gets Close to Fame is another jewel. The author takes fandom from another perspective: what do celebrities do? How do fans who hang out with celebrities feel? What do fans who work for celebrities think about other fans? And most importantly: what is celebrity culture, exactly? [This book is hard to find though. I found it second hand, but you can still find it first hand if you have the patience.]

books, bibliography, book reading list, wish list, geek anthropology, anthropology, depepi,

Framing Celebrity : New Directions in Celebrity Culture is a collection of writings that analize media, fame and fandoms from a spooky perspective. Reality TV, internet, fandom, celebitry body consumption and politics are discussed in this book. A good read. Again: take it with a pinch of salt, you may not agree with some stuff.

FIC : Why Fanfiction is Taking Over the World explores the gorgeous world of fan fiction. It explores the culture and history of fan fiction writing and how literature feeds on it! Do you really think that fanfic is something new? Not really! Read this book and get amazed! [Highly recommended for those who love fan fiction.]

Fan Phenomena: Supernatural is a must read for every single Supernatural fan. But it’s also interesting for those who have no clue about the fandom. Not only you can discover the family of Supernatural, but also what triggers a fan to do what a fan does. It is easy to read, funny and it opens Pandora’s box!

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