Funko Friday: Funko Finds – Have you scored any good Funko lately?

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Welcome to another mischievous chapter of Funko Friday. We’ve plotted this amazing topic for Fridays to make you end up with a great pop collection. I know, Kimi and I are evil and want the world to share our love for these tiny figurines. This week the topic is Funko finds! Have you scored any good Funko lately? Yes! I have! Four wonderful pops to stare back at me on my table while I work. Writing has never been so popular. 100 eyes staring back at you is quite distressing. So, who are the finds? Who made it on my working geeky table?

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Captain Swan is the first ship that made it! Yay! And the other?

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Oh yes! JohnLock! [Yes, I know, OUAT has nothing to do with Sherlock, but these pops are my Funko finds! I know, I know what you’re thinking about JohnLock at his point… but… BUT!! Aren’t these two cute together?]

captain swan, emma swan, captain hook, killion jones, funko, funko pop, funko friday, funko love, depepi,

Pop collectors, ensemble! These two pops are highly detailed! I think that Hook might be the most detailed pop in my possession. And Swan, the second. I didn’t expect them to have this level of detail, but when I got them I was in awe. Specially with Hook: he has the earring, rings and pendant perfectly painted, plus all the buttons of his outfit. Plus those funny eyebrows!

Swan is awesome too! This is the Savior version, and she is too cute! The only thing that it’s perhaps a little bit upsetting: they made her too thin, so she cannot stand up by herself and needs the plastic thingy under her feet. But, we can forgive Funko for that. Just because they are really detailed! [You’ve been lucky Funko, just for the record.]

So, the Funko version of Captain Swan has found a privileged place on my table and they both see me type on the computer. Happy ever after… [on my table, how mischievous!]

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The next find is JohnLock. [Sorry for CumberSherlock, but this is a ship and it’s sailing.] There are many different versions of Sherlock, but I went for the normal one to make it match with Watson. So, they both look like they’re going to take a walk. They’re really cute. Especially Watson, with his very detailed shoes. What buggs me about the Cumberpop version is the head. It’s massive! If you compare the Cumberpop head with Hook’s or Watson’s, you get scared… Cumberbatch’s head isn’t that huge [I don’t know who designed this pop, but the real actor has a long face, not a wide one.] So, it looks like CumberpopbreadLock version of Sherlock. [Are you aware of the number of Cumberwords you can create with Mr.Cumberbatch’s name? I mean… it’s crazy! Funny, I give you that, but it’s crazy!]

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