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Pepi in Wonderland gets addicted to karaoke. Do you remember the film Lost in Translation? Just before landing in Tokyo, I watched the movie, and I was hooked by the karaoke scene: a room, with friends, and singing. I’ve never been in a karaoke in EU yet, but I’ve been countless times in Japan. Why? I went once, and I got addicted! A closed room is perfect to torture your new friends with your voice singing ABBA’s Mamma mia or Bon Jovi’s Have a nice Day. It can even get challenging when you start with Elvis Presley and Japanese rock bands like B’z. But you keep going, beer after beer, snack after snack, hot tea after hot tea to recover your voice, if you had any before beginning the adventure. In 2004, I was at least once a week in a karaoke, and I went nuts with friends going for all-night karaokes! We were on fire! We were in Tokyo!

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Time did not cure me of the addiction of going to karaokes. It only gave me some perspective: you don’t need to spend there all night. The karaoke is not going to move from its location. You can go there as many times as you want. I discovered that if you go during the day it’s cheaper. So, guess what I did? Yup: went there during daylight just to sing! Believe it or not, singing Metallica into a tiny room is quite distressing! As I gathered more and more stress during the week, so my will to sing it out in the karaoke grew. And so, many weekends I would end up some hours in the karaoke box singing just to get rid of my stress. The funny result: I actually improved my singing skills. Went from making it rain to mild weather. Not bad!

Karaoke nights looked very much like Lost in Translation. Sometimes it was crazier than others, but overall I gathered enough good memories that I brought back home. Including, singing in the karaoke where the scene was recorded! Friends would come and go very much like in the movie, but the final taste was always there. It was awesome [and one of them was epic since we were more than 45 people! It was nuts!]

I haven’t been in a karaoke box since I returned to EU. Needless to say that I miss it a lot. It was my way to burn stress and do something funny in a protected environment. I don’t want to compete, not need a crowd to tell me how good or bad I sang. I just want to sing with all the gear without making the neighbors nuts. So, what do I do now? Well, sing without the gear and dance a lot. But don’t you worry: I will find a way back to singing just for the sake of having fun with all the gear! [I’m getting there. Just say that the neighbors will not be so happy. Or perhaps they’ll like it. Who knows.]

karaoke, karaoke japan, karaoke tokyo, lost in translation, depepi,

You would never guess one of my favorite songs for the karaoke box. Nope, it’s not a song from Temptations, nor one from FranΓ§ois Hardy. It’s The Boom’s Shimauta!! Don’t know it? Here it is:

[Blame the Japanese language teacher who taught me this song! I love to sing this one in the karaoke box!! It’s good, beautiful and sad in the same amounts] By the way, this is a song from Okinawa (beware, the song has parts in Okinwan dyalect). Damn, I do miss Japan.

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  • Hahah, I love Karaoke as well. I miss the Japanese style, although they have that here, where you get your own room and snacks and drinks. I would love to do it again and maybe some day while we are here we’ll find a sitter and go on a date night with some friends and do it. So much fun!

    • Yees!! You should do it!!! It’s so much fun! πŸ™‚

  • I was a regular karaoke goer back in Vancouver and my husband and I actually bonded over our mutual love of torturing other’s eardrums. We didn’t have an official karaoke experience in Japan, but we did find ourselves belting out Bon Jonvi at the bar with a couple of salary men our last night in Tokyo.

    • Hahaha OMG! Torturing the others while bonding mutual love is the best! πŸ™‚ So happy to know that you made it while singing. It sounds so romantic! I loved the karaoke box a lot (too much, I think). And the fact of getting rid of all my stress just singing was awesome. Guess where I’m going when returning for a visit in Tokyo :p Yup! The Karaoke Box! πŸ˜€

  • Well, in Japan you can rent a tiny room for two people for singing karaoke πŸ˜‰ So, go for it! At this point I don’t care if the room has a thousand people gathered to be tortured by me singing metal LOL But I prefer the Japanese cozy familiar version πŸ™‚ I think it’s more fun because you don’t need to worry about anything else but how loud you’ll let your voice out πŸ™‚

    • Haha! How do you even sing metal? It’s mostly screaming, isn’t it? That’d be fun to watch, anyway:P And I think I’d definitely like to try one of the private rooms in Japan! My husband has to hear me sing badly all the time anyway.

      • xDDDD Yeah, basically it’s just screaming with no sense whatsoever (at least me LOL ) And it worked for me LOL Yeaaah you can take a room for two and enjoy a lovely time together!! I did that a lot! Many Japanese use the karaoke box to practice their singing skills too. So, there are tiny rooms (like in tiny tiny) that you can rent for one πŸ˜‰ One of the best karaokes (and fun ones) is Pasela Akihabara. It’s plenty of geek figurines! Each room has an anime/manga topic (even the toilet has figurines!)