Things I love LOKIsday Vol. 5

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Yay! It’s LOKIsday! This week has been too busy again.. I wanted to read so many posts from other blogs I love, and I couldn’t. So, I plan to spend the weekend enjoying myself reading all of them. Two weeks of goodness in a single weekend! Will I accomplish the task?? I hope so! So, what happened this week that caught my eye?

1. RPG, I’m hooking you!

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Remember last week I told you I was so into Hook? Well, ladies and gentlemen, I am Hook! No kidding! Well, not just yet. BUT, Yours Truly is going to RPG Hook, and I’m going hard into the pirate way. Only if time lets me do it, I’ll be a very naughty Hook from next week onwards. And yes, my version of Hook has to be naughty. If you’re waiting for the exact OUAT’s Hook from me, please watch the show. I won’t RPG unless I can exchange my hook with some other fancy stuff. Sorry, guys. This Hook’s mind is dirty. No Swan for me, though, it seems we’re making a crossover of mammoth proportions. The Universe we’re creating seems to be greater than Tolkien’s. Behold, we’re going to need a lot of magic beans! I’ll start polishing my hook in the meanwhile, and practice my rum sipping.

2. Don’t kill the words.

This is a shocking music video by URBANGARDE called “Kuchibiru Democracy,” which means “Democracy of Lips.” Despite the shocking images in the video, the message of it is a critical view of their country, and the whole world, at the moment. All the images make you feel like you’ve traveled back through time to Showa time. That’s the WWII, which is pretty scary. The symbol they wear on the uniforms is a bleeding sun (referencing to the actual Japanese flag, only that the sun is in pain). Lyrics asks for “not killing the words” and “not killing the love.” At some point they also say that:

We are on Showa 90th year, and occasionally at war. And so, the world is getting made. Lipstick missiles fall from the sky letting girls remember make-up and kisses. The only way to resist war is freedom and love. We’re occasionally at war, and so the world is produced. Unknown people do nothing but gaze into LCD screens. The war has just begun. They are all already ghosts. Don’t kill the words.

With a catchy tune, this musical video makes you think. As a comic, you need to process the images you see on the screen and the words that are being said. It shocked me, and I liked it. This is quite a scary way to put on the table several topics at once while still being cute.

3. Remembering one of the free ways of life of Tokyo’s subculture Decora Girls

I used to go a lot to Harajuku. It was one of my favorite spots to hang out. One of the reasons was to take a look at all the fashion tendencies that were hot and alive at the moment. You could get shocked, amazed, and get some ideas on what to add to your own outfit. One of the subcultures that intrigued me the most were Decora Girls. Some of the outfits are a boom of colors and too crowded to be just admired with a look. You need time, a lot of time to notice all the details. Well, I found this short documentary and remembered how cool it was to hang out in Harajuku. The land of the free, in many ways.

Japan is a country with many social rules, but when you’re not working, you can be dressed into whatever drapes you want. No one is going to point at you with the finger and laugh. You could be dressed in a Pikachu Cosplay, and no one would care less. Seriously. While you need to follow the herd of fashionistas in Mordor or you’ll have more disapproving looks than if you were walking naked on the street, in Japan you can be a walking Xmas tree if you want. [Read Mordor as somewhere lost in Spain where everyone dresses in dark colors for winter, and if you use a color it has to be red, so you can be killed by a bull.]

Is there any other place in which you can feel this freedom in Europe? Welcome to the UK. London and Brighton seem geek enough as to let funky fashion styles shine all year through. Japan is unique in its ways, but some other places let you experiment with fashion on real time without feeling like you’re constantly being on the edge of a sword.

4. Marvel Collector Corps Villains Box, or the Nightmare before Xmas.

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I finally got my Marvel Collector Corps Villains Box after having more works than Hercules. It all started when they charged on my Paypal but stated that I had not paid. They changed the payment method without any notice, so I had to pay with credit card and ask a refund with Paypal. Then, they charged my credit card… AGAIN! So, I had to ask another refund. Hello, guys? Your system is crappy; I know, but… what about updating it? If you think this is the end, it’s not. Boxes would arrive through the post. Like, regular post. This time, they decided to lower the costs of shipping (while charging you the same) and use a crappy agency. And here is where things get funky, to say the least.

Your box arrives, but you have no clue. You find an email in your mailbox stating that they have tried to deliver the box twice and that the phone number doesn’t exist. [You’re going to wish to kill the guy as hard as I did when I end up explaining to you the whole thing.] You phone the agency before they decide to return the box. They have no clue, but after a while they find out that the box is in the warehouse. So, I tell them that I will go and pick it up. So, with a friend, we venture ourselves to go far away somewhere next to Mount Doom. You go to the warehouse and find a guy who has no clue. Fortunately, a woman was kind of helpful and confirmed that the box was indeed in the warehouse. Luckily I spotted a box in the distance that said Marvel, and so I could get it.

The reason for them to call and find no one at home? [Drums sound at the distance.] The crappy guy had included the International Country Phone Number before my mobile number. In doing so, the last two numbers of the cell disappeared in the system due to the limit of numbers you can input. And so my number was wrong. The woman rolled her eyes and explained to him what had happened. Still the guy seemed to be like “whatever, I don’t care.” [When do we kill this guy!? You’re working for a private mail carrier that works with international partners and you have no clue about what an International Phone Code is? Time to paint him in honey while naked and let all the bees pursue him to damnation! How many parcels has this guy lost already!?]

Not only they ruined the box placing the sticker on the drawing of Venom, but they also had the crappiest service of all. If I hadn’t read the mail, that box would be who knows where! And because all of this I am not taking more Marvel boxes. I got my a-Dorbz-able Loki, but the headaches!!! THE HEADACHES!!! When I buy something online, I just want to push click, and go to the post office if I miss the mail carrier. Siiiigh!

[Unboxing the Villains box post is coming soon. Loki is cool!!]

Have a Mischievous LOKIsday!

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  • Danielle Knapp

    I’ve never watching OUAT, but Hook just looks so sexy…and definitely a little naughty :p

    • OUAT is nice πŸ˜€ I liked it from the start. It’s fairy tales gone mad xDDDD And yeah, Hook is a nice guy!

  • Yuck, that Marvel box nightmare sounds like a major pain in the butt! At least you got some cool things out of it, but still. Damn girl, you are so Hooked right now! I can’t blame you, he’s super hot<3 And I just watched that documentary about Decora Girls and absolutely loved it. Makes me want to go to Japan even more!

    • Oh yes, the Marvel box has been a nightmare πŸ™ But I have the cute Loki πŸ˜‰ Still, not taking more boxes ‘coz all the troubles. Oh but it’s so easy to get HOOKed :p Coff Coff… Decora girls are amazing! But there are other interesting trends as well. If you can make it, go to Japan!! Seriously!! It’s a must!!!

  • Sorry you had so many issues with your collectors box but at least the awesome things inside made up for it! I’m so excited to finally explore the streets of Harajuku in a few weeks and dress up as crazy as I want as I don’t really get the chance here unless I’m at a con, maybe I’ll even start wearing Lolita again! Whenever I’m in Thailand I always have a lot fun with my clothes as nobody looks twice there but as soon as I’m back in the UK I always tone it down, I mean I get weird looks and giggles when I’m wearing a clear raincoat or the latest one was red boots and that’s probably the tamest of the tame for me XD

    • Oh!! You’re going to love Harajuku!!! It’s like Wonderland!!! So, yeah, try to put on some Lolita again! You’ll get loads of fun! I’m usually dressed in superhero stuff xDDDD Like… everyday Cosplay LOL Or geeky tees, and such. Sometimes I change to gender neutral, and others I’m just a rainbow LOL I cannot be tamed xDDDDD Orcs can give me all the look on the world LOL
      Oh yeah, the box was a nightmare –; Sigh. Things inside are cool, but not the headaches… πŸ™

  • I’m all in for the pictures of Hook here alone. Excuse me, I need to swoon.

    • Please swoon as much as needed, I’ll do it as weel πŸ˜‰