Things I love LOKIsday Vol. 4

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Welcome to things I love LOKIsday!! I had a super busy week again. You know the basics: end up without any bit of energy, try to blog something with some sense, end up snoring and repeat the same thing the next day. But, this week has happened something amazing, love. It might be the eyeliner, or maybe it’s the accent. Or perhaps it’s that I am simply hooked? For some reason I have a weakness for a certain type of characters, and again, I’ve fallen into a fandom because of one of them. Oh, let me explain it to you with just a gif:

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1. This week I’ve discovered that I’m a Oncer! [Okay, maybe I might be more Hooked than anything else.]

Hook is a mischievous villain. He tries to be good, but, he was already hot from the beginning. But why? I love Loki; you already know that. But I happen to fall for Hook as well. What do you think they have in common? It’s scary when we tend to fall for the villains, isn’t it? Have you ever thought why we end up wanting the bad [or not-so-bad] villain? It’s all because of the dark triad!

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It seems that personalities that have narcissism, are machiavellic and a little bit psychopathic are hotter than nicer ones like, say, Prince Charming’s. Hook displays all these characteristics: he looks himself in a mirror and he sees himself handsome, he can manipulate others with ease, and can be quite a psychopath at times. He wants to be a better man for Swan; however, he has the darkness within, which is a constant war to control, but still those traits are in.

hook, captain hook, killion jones, once upon a time, oncer, hooker, hookers, hooked, depepi,, loki, loki's army, lokisday

Hook represents the wild desire, the animal instinct, our chance to be free from everything just for a while. And we might even think that we can change him. [It’s actually an illusion if he wants to change he will, but we will never be able to.] Also his looks are badass and clearly depict the dark triad of the character: dressed in black, messed-up hair, sexy poses.

And then, you have the evil writers and producers making you want more of Hook because of the following reasons:

hook, captain hook, killion jones, once upon a time, oncer, hooker, hookers, hooked, depepi,, loki, loki's army, lokisday

How many hearts has he broken in all those taverns he went? And yet, we dream to be the one Swan! [Evil bloody writers!]

2. I decided to do some TBT!

And I start on Lokisday! Yay! So, here we go with the first TBT pic. This was taken in Tokyo by photographer Akio. What I am holding is a wooden katana. We were three friends in total, including the photographer, having fun next to the Yamanote line taking some pictures. And this one is one of my favorite pics.

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TBT, somewhere in Tokyo, next to the Yamanote Line. Photographer: Akio.

This picture contains loads of O-Ren Ishii-style and badassery, and that’s I find it so alluring and sexy. So, here it is, my first TBT (with a katana! Yay!)

3. I died with the Marvel Musical [twice]

Have you seen it? It’s hilarious!! You have to watch it if you are a Marvel fan. Seriously, it’s too funny!

There’s only one thing that I didn’t like: come on guys! Even with a parody you have to get Black Widow out of it? She doesn’t get to sing in the musical? Not even for a tiny bit? Didn’t we have enough with all the toy makers forgetting her? Why do parodies about the Marvel MCU have to do the same? The video is hilarious BUT, you need to work on including women! That tiny bit it’s simply not enough.

Have a Mischievous LOKIsday!

hook, captain hook, killion jones, once upon a time, oncer, hooker, hookers, hooked, depepi,, loki, loki's army, lokisday

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  • Danielle Knapp

    I feel like I usually fall for the villain as well – something about those bad boys 😉

    • Maybe because they’re free from any rules and that’s also super sexy? The Dark Triad explains a lot, but I think that there are many layers on why the villains tend to be super sexy 😉

  • Oh man, I’m hooked too. Every time Hook comes on the screen, I freak out! My husband’s always like…’I don’t get it.’ HA!

    • xDDDD OMG the HOOK-club :p What would be the screen without Hook!? My guy was lost with me and my villain tastes at the beginning, but I think that he finally got to know who I will like on a show based on my previous tastes. He knew I was going to fall for Hook xDDDDD He was like… Oh here we go: the pirate! :p

  • I’m hooked…..on Hook as well. I think if I was Emma I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off that man. Just yum! aAll around. I just can’t! I also tend to fall for the villain unless it’s a BioWare game and then I always fall for the nice guy.

    Thanks to you Loki is attempting to creep into my fandom.

    • Ahahahaha Villains are better 😉 Ahem ahem. And yay! Great that Loki is making his way too 😉 That was the plan with the book you know 😉 To get more Lokinions for Loki! 😀

  • I feel your pain, I’ve been Hooked since July this year. Damn Netflix and a 4 season marathon, what have you done to my life? I’m seriously addicted to Hook and OUAT – Captain Swan has my heart. He’s such a good character. The Dark Triad has a lot to answer for! 😛

    • Ehehhee I was doomed since the moment I saw Hook on screen. I was like… damn… OMG, another villain to the collection xDDDD He’s such a lovable character! (And not exactly for angelical reasons 3:) ) I also made the super marathon xDDDDD of sexy pain and sexy poses, and fangirling mode on lOl Now I am seriously thinking about cosplaying him. Sigh, I’m too Hooked xDDDD

  • Kay

    I’ve got plans for a Hook portrait for my best friend for Christmas…she’s obsessed with him and OUAT!

    • Awwwww :3 OUAT is great! I love it too 😀 And yes, Hook is an asset for its success 😉

  • Love that pic of you!

    • Awwww <3 Thank you!! <3