Kawaii dePepi giveaway: because I’m a Geek and I love it!

kawaii giveaway, kawaii, depepi, depepi.com

And here we are with another Kawaii dePepi giveaway, just because I’m a Geek, and I love it! I love my weird, so I want to celebrate it! And yes, again with Blippo items from the Kawaiibox. These are super cute! Let’s take a closer look at what I’m giving away. I’m sure you’re going to love it!

kawaii giveaway, kawaii, depepi, depepi.com

A super cute Alpaca pen case.

A purple poop pencil sharpener. (I gave another poop away, and I also gave some to my friends. It seems that there’s a poop fever!!)

A squishy ice-cream charm.

kawaii giveaway, kawaii, depepi, depepi.com

Super cute stickers!

Laces for your shoes. Pink and cute (one pair).

An Alpaca coin case.

kawaii giveaway, kawaii, depepi, depepi.com

And a DIY grape candy!!

Love all of them? To enter in this giveaway, please follow the instructions of this widget (it’s easy!)

Kawaii Giveaway


  • Starts on October, Tuesday 6, 2015.
  • Ends on October, Monday 12, 2015.
  • You must like dePepi on FB in order to get the prize.

weird, depepi, depepi.com

Note 2: I am giving a try to Gleam, following some advice from Kimi Who? for this giveaway. Let’s see how it goes 😉

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  • Brittany Zick

    Depepi! OMG. So. Stinking. Cute.

    • It is!!! Love Blippo goodies <3 So cute!

  • Pabs, Pabs, it rhymes with gra

    Umaru-chan kawaiiest!

    • Awwww! I love Umaru-chan!

  • OOh! That pencil case is adorable!

    • IKR!?? I had to had it into the lot 😀

  • I don’t really have a fave kawaii anime character as I’ve never really watched any kawaii anime, I don’t think? I don’t know what defines kawaii anime… Lol! But I would LOVE the poop pencil sharpener for my colored pencils for my coloring! <3 <3 <3

    • xDDDD OMG The poop pencil sharpener xDDD I had 6, now the only one left is this one. It seems that they’re are a blast!!!

  • Those stickers make my heart happy. I have no clue what I would do with them, but they make me smile!

    • Yay for the things that make you happy! <3

  • Ioanna Tsiliki

    Tony Tony Chopper from One Piece :3

  • Emma

    I haven’t opened my last two Kawaii boxes yet. I hope some of this cute stuff is in them

    • Wow… that’s patience!! I think in one of the last two boxes there was one poop xDDD Since I open them and I mix the items, I don’t remember which belong to which box LOL And I also got items from Blippo… so… xDDDD

  • Kay

    I think for anime characters it’s a tie between Sailor Venus from Sailor Moon, and Washu from Tenchi Muyo. I haven’t seen Tenchi Muyo in SO long and I really want to! It was such a random crazy show. 😀

    • OMG xDDD Tenchi Muyo xDDD Yes I remember LOL Also Sailor Moon. Not my favorite ones, but I liked them 😉

  • Chibiusa!! Such a cutie. And I can’t even with that poop pencil sharpener! I still love it so much<3

    • Yay! Chibiusa was cute! Ahaahaha the poop sharpener. That’s the last one I got!

  • dasha

    I love Mayoi from Acchi Kocchi!

    such a good anime *-*

  • Chloe Drummond

    I love this so much I love kawaii and you blog it’s so cool

    • Awwwww <3 Thank you!

  • Chloe Drummond

    Your more than welcome 🙂 your blog is really cool !! ✌

    • Awwww <3 Thank you again!! I'm glad that you like it!

  • Eshee Desu

    Its definitely Honey-senpai from ouran highschool! He’s just so adorbs <3

  • Gleam is rad. And woohoo for giveaways! <3 good luck everyone =D

    • Ehehehe. Yay!! Good luck to you too!!

  • cuquetafera

    Cool give away! I want it all!!

  • And the winner of the Kawaii Give away is~

  • Yay! 😀