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sweet blogs, blogs, depepi, cuppa coffee, depepi.com

I’ve been asked recently which website I like the most. And this kept me thinking that I don’t have just one favorite website, but many sweet blogs that I like to enjoy with a cuppa coffee. So I decided to create this random section that I might put here from time to time to present those blogs that catch my attention. Plus, you’ll know what I usually read. Yes, geeky topics run amok on this list. Please note that I just chose some of my favorite blogs, and that I will add others in the future in this section.

Let’s begin with all the fun!

sweet blogs, blogs, depepi, cuppa coffee, depepi.com

Geek Girl Senshi is a cool place to explore manga and anime and awesome Fandom Fridays. I like it a lot because it helps me reconnect with all those anime that I used to watch but I stopped for whatever reason. She also writes about serious topics from a cool perspective, so I highly recommend you to give it a shot. Prepare a cuppa and start reading!

sweet blogs, blogs, depepi, cuppa coffee, depepi.com

Cuppa Geek is the paradise for discovering teas. If you follow me on my social media, you already know that I am addicted to coffee. However, I also drink a lot of herbal tea! Thanks to Cuppa Geek I can discover new teas I have no idea about and I can give them a try. Besides, in winter I love to drink gallons of hot tea, so this blog comes in handy! Have no clue what to drink next? Peak inside this blog!

sweet blogs, blogs, depepi, cuppa coffee, depepi.com

Natalie Patalie will introduce you to tons of books, and also explain to you bookish and not so bookish ideas. (Her giveaways also rock.) So, if you have a hard time in deciding what to read next, stop by this blog and prepare a cuppa. You’ll need it!

sweet blogs, blogs, depepi, cuppa coffee, depepi.com

My Open Sketchbook is a small jewel where you can find info about books, geeky stuff and super cute sketches. She has given away some cool illustrations that I love. I also follow this blog on Instagram (you can follow up with sketches and how they become awesome illustrations). Plus, she also loves Supernatural like me. Prepare yourself to have a nice time with a cuppa and this blog!

sweet blogs, blogs, depepi, cuppa coffee, depepi.com

Oh Sweet Samsara is evil. I shouldn’t be reading this blog, but I come back again and again. Why? Because it’s cool!! Prepare yourself to start finding out great geeky and cute things to buy online!! Need some suggestions about geeky clothing, jewelry, or just presents? Go there! Be advised though: if you’re planing to buy a present for someone you’ll end up buying stuff for you as well! Wishlists are endless thanks to this blog!

I hope you visit all these awesome blogs. I will post more Sweet blogs to enjoy with a cuppa coffee soon 😉

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