How to deal with trolls the Geek way

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Being online is also being a target of those tiny smiling little creatures: trolls. Today we’re going to explore how to deal with trolls the Geek way and be happy about it at the end of the day. In a stylish but positive way we’ll discover how the negativity these small little creatures share online will stop bugging us completely. The secret relies on us.

I’ve been meeting happy trolls all my life: from school, in the shape of bullies; and online, in the shape of faceless comments. Their negativity can put you down, especially if they are mean and you’re not feeling at your best at the moment. They can be nasty, but there’s a chance you can turn out all these negative thoughts into opportunities for you and your blog.

Let’s start trolling the happy troll the geek way, shall we?

trolls, deal with trolls, how to deal with trolls, depepi,, geek, geek girl, SPN, SPNFamily, Supernatural

1. Happy trolls think that you’re talking to them.

No kidding! For some reason, happy trolls believe that you’re talking to them. Even if you are not and you never will. Suddenly you get all these negative tweets attacking you because you said something that “offended them.” The last thing you want to do is to put some of your attention on them. You’ll be arguing for hours. The only thing that works is salt. Exactly, salt them like demons.

Whatever you do, expect happy trolls to pop up from nowhere. Prepare the salt in advance, because if you just try to answer them without being prepared, you’ll end up in a loop hole. What they want. So, the solution is simple. If you want to do “A” prepare your salt for that. Remember: bloggers are like hunters. We need the salt!

2. Happy trolls will not like you at all.

Let’s face it. Not everyone out there will like you. Do you think that demons like Sam and Dean? I don’t think so. Hunters don’t mix well with the demons they dispose of. So, stop wasting your time in trying to make everybody happy! You can’t. Again: get the salt.

trolls, deal with trolls, how to deal with trolls, depepi,, geek, geek girl, SPN, SPNFamily, Supernatural

3. If you’re on the right path, happy trolls will flock towards you.

It’s like the bugs going pursuing the light that will kill them. If you’re doing things right, you’ll provably have a 90~95% of negativity going your way. The better your blog gets, the more critics will appear on your way. Instead of sinking into a pool of tears, remember that these happy trolls are working for you! They might share your blog. Granted! They’re trolling around, however they’re driving traffic to your site! Yay!

So, more happy trolls going your way? Be happy! Get the salt and prepare the burning fire!

trolls, deal with trolls, how to deal with trolls, depepi,, geek, geek girl, SPN, SPNFamily, Supernatural

4. Happy trolls burn when you’re happy!

The happier you are, the faster the trolls will burn. It’s been scientifically proven that happy trolls despise the happiness of the bloggers they put their negativity on. The more you write about the things you like, or the things you cherish, the faster they will burn. So, keep calm and Carry On Wayward Son! Be yourself online, shine like the Geek blogger you are and get them all burning at your feet.

Remember never to forget your geek blogger basics: salt and burn! Yes, that simple: that’s how you make them work for you. Be happy, carry on with your geek blogger’s awesome life, be prepared with salt and some lights. That’s how you troll a happy troll the Geek way 😉 Rock’m all!

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  • As they say, Kindness kills. Do it with a smile 😀

    • Yay! 😀 😀 😀

      • Believe me, I’ve had to do that. Sometimes it’s better to keep going on with a smile. Also those troll toys are love. I had a whole lot of them. I miss them.

        • Yup, the only way to salt and burn Happy Trolls is by being happy 😀
          Oh yes!! Those troll toys are so cuteeee! I miss them too! I have two :3 :3

  • Kay

    Excellent advice. I’ve never had to deal with trolls thankfully!

    • Thank you! Well… I think that the ones you find for real (like kicking and walking) are the worst species. Glad to know you didn’t meet any!

  • Gizmo

    I actually talk about this in my post (free spirit) that you nominated me for! 🙂

    • Awesome! I’ll check it tomorrow then 😉

  • Excellent advice, I’ve honestly only had a run in once with negativity on my blog but I haven’t been around very long. I always address positively even in life. Thanks so much for this it confirms that I’m handling it the right way.

    • Thank you for the nice words. Going the positive way it’s always the best!