Fandom Friday: 5 Fictional Vehicles I’d Love To Travel In

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This fandom Friday is all about traveling. Some of the ones in my list are not really ‘vehicles’ but other means of transportation. I know, again I loosen up the topic we’re supposed to talk about today, but, I think it’s more interesting this way. Let’s begin!

1. The USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D

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I’d love to travel on the USS Enterprise! And also have a ride onto one of the shuttles. It is a great ship, huge and with lots of history. It would be great if I could also pilot it for a while. I know: spooky right? Me as a pilot, I mean. But, I’d love it!

2. Stargate

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My next choice it’s not a vehicle per se, but a portal. But I find it amazing, so I would like to give it a try. You take your luggage, and just pass through. I bet it might be an incredible experience!!

3. The Bifrost (Thor)

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I think that the bifrost might work under similar principles of the Stargate, but I am no expert. It would be great to have a ride here, from Midgard to Asgard to be more exact. I would go on vacations for sure!

4. BSG Cylon Ship

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Next: a Cylon ship. I think these were the best ships of BSG. Minimal design, bright and plenty of Cylons. I know that the toasters were spooky, but sixes were okay 😉 Having a ride here would be awesome!

5. Starlord’s Ship (Guardians of the Galaxy)

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And last, but not least: Starlord’s ship! It’s so badass! This is a cool ship to be in, and enjoy the music as well as good company!! Plus the colors are great!

Special mention: The Death Star

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I needed to add an extra. Though this is more like a Moon or small planet than a real vehicle, and though it is a device for massive destruction, I think this would be a great destination for vacations. I know, crazy. But, it’s still cool!

The idea of 5 Fandom Friday was started up by Super Space Chick, and I found it out at the Nerdy Girlie.

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