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Hi there! I’ve been nominated by Joie Fatale for the Liebster Award, so now I am answering her questions while plotting mine for my nominees.

Liebsters are a great way to make known and discover new bloggers. You discover who is nominating you, who nominated the blog who is nominating you now, and a great list of new blogs. It is an amazing way to discover, question and get away with it 😉

So, what do you need to do?

  1. Link back to who nominated you.
  2. Answer the questions the nominator asked you.
  3. Nominate 11 other bloggers who have less than 200 followers.
  4. Create 11 questions for the 11 folks in step 3.
  5. Notify your nominees!

My questions from Joie Fatale:

1. If you had an auto-/biography, what would your pun-filled title be?
Wow, this is a hard one. If I ever had a biography, I suppose the title would say something like ‘a journey of self discovery.’ For some reason, that comes to mind.

2. What would your “last meal” be (beverages too)?
A cold beer glass and some tapas or something Japanese to match the cold beer. And then sweets.

3. What other languages do you speak, study, or, wish you could?
I speak Spanish, Catalan, Japanese, Italian and some rusty French. Now I want to learn Old Norse (because of Geeky purposes).

4. What music album best describes your adolescence?

Old songs from B’z.

5. What is your favorite quote, from your favorite 90’s movie?
‘I’ll be back.’ Obviously, from Terminator.

6. What Pokemon are you (stolen from Harper)?
Picachu. It’s really cute and shinny.

7. Admit it, your animated/illustrated crush is…?
Loki Agent of Asgard. No surprise there.

8. What is your dream hair color (if it could permanently be ANY color)?
Light pink or light blue. But not all my hair colored. I like uneven (I actually color my hair in uneven colors, two or 3, depending on my mood).

9. What shape would your patronus look like?
I suppose that round or creating spirals when in non-corporeal shape. But if it had to be corporeal, I’d like a cat.

10. What natural “disaster” best describes you (tornado, Sharknado, Beariccane, earthquake, etc)?
An earthquake. Since I was in Tokyo in the big Tohoku earthquake (March 11, 2011), and it had a great impact on me, I would choose an earthquake to best describe me.

11. What is your big summer goal this year?
I haven’t got any into my mind that stands out for summer. I suppose… relaxing?

My Nominees are:

And here are the questions I thought for you:

  1. Which is your childhood favorite sweet?
  2. What Superhero are you? (Or would like to be?)
  3. Do you collect anything geeky? What?
  4. Which Potter character do you think defines you the most?
  5. What is your favorite Superhero movie quote?
  6. Which is your favorite comic/manga? Why?
  7. That time when you where the only geek in the room. How did you notice it?
  8. What book can describe best your childhood?
  9. Which is your favorite cocktail? (You can add the recipe).
  10. Which is your favorite Middle Earth folk?
  11. How many geek tees do you own? Which is your favorite one?

I hope you enjoyed it. Now, go on and check all the blogs 🙂

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