Fandom Friday: the 5 Nerdiest Things I’ve Ever Done

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This fandom Friday is all about confessions: the 5 nerdiest things you’ve ever done. This is a tough one! Though I am a geek, I don’t consider the things I do geeky or nerdy (that’s the main problem I’ve had in choosing what to put in this list). So, I decided on 5 things that I find might be nerdy, or that my friends have told me that they are. Okay, here we go!

1. Going to Rivendell because of LOTR.

fandom friday, fandom, geek anthropology, pop culture,

I read LOTR and the Hobbit, and then came the movies. I went to a marathon of LOTR in a theater Roppongi, Tokyo, which actually convinced me in having the need to visit Rivendell. I know that Rivendell is a computer graphics-made place (with some real decoration), but some of the nature is real. You can actually go backpacking to New Zealand and visit Rivendell and Hobbiton. Well, when I was in Tokyo, I planned a travel to Sydney (Australia) that would bring me to be able to enjoy an exhibition of he movies and be able to see the real clothes the actors and actresses wore; and a small trip to NZ to have a gorgeous LOTR tour.

I travelled to Wellington, and from there I went to Rivendell (and other locations from the movie). I consider that one of the nerdiest things I’ve ever done: taking my backpack, going to Australia, enjoy a LOTR exhibition (if I remember correctly Sydney was the last stop for the World LOTR’s exhibit tour), and then fly to NZ just to take a LOTR tour. It was fuuuun!

2. Learning Elvish.

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Reading LOTR made me want to learn Quenia (Elvish). Watching the first movie, even more. In fact, I found books to learn the language, and I spent a long time doing it. I love learning languages, so at the time it seemed like normal to just add one more. The problem I found was I couldn’t practice it with anyone. It was fun!

I don’t remember much of it, but it was fun learning it! For some reason I find it fun to learn ‘dead’ and ‘invented’ languages. At the moment I am interested in learning Old Norse. Latin will be happy with its new companion of adventures!

3. Getting data during years to write a book about fandom.

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According to my sweetheart people do not spend years getting all types of data on… fandom, unless you’re a nerd. Well, anthropologists do! So, I guess anthropologists are nerds. This is a work in progress, almost done, that my sweetheart has seen evolve. Data include not only books, but also interviews, online participation, and hours turning to years of bothering my sweet-pie about the topic. It is much funnier when you can talk about all you’ve discovered, and all the great data that you’ve gathered with your loved one.

Though some people can consider this as the ultimate nerdy move, I consider it as quite normal. No joking. Ask any anthropologist or sociologist and they’ll tell you about the lengths they can go to collect data for their researches. But since my victim listener insists in this to be nerdy, I give it a number three.

4. Deciding to take a Masters Degree on the Japanese Constitution in Japanese, and then doing it.

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Showa Emperor signing the Constitution of Japan, 3 Nov 1946

I personally don’t consider this as a nerdy thing either, but my friends do, so I decided to give it the fourth place. I got my Masters Degree on Compared Constitutional Law, comparing the Japanese Constitution and the Spanish one, focusing myself on the Japanese one. I mainly compared the Monarchy and Emperor system of both countries and the article 9 of the Japanese Constitution. And I wrote the thesis in Japanese. Mainly because my Masters Degree is from the University of Tokyo and I had to write it in Japanese. There was no option for writing it in English. It was difficult, at times I wanted to fight my futon, but eventually I made it and I got my Masters.

My friends assure me that you have to be a hell of a nerd to go to Japan and study Constitutional Law in Japanese, and then write the thesis in Japanese. I never considered this to be nerdy till a bunch of people told me how nerdy I was for trying, and then for getting it. I learnt a lot! And though it was difficult, it was also damn interesting and fun! So, if you ever think about doing the same: give it a shot!

5. Wait during months to get the perfect present for my sweetheart.

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It might not sound nerdy, but it is: waiting for months (more than half a year) to get the perfect present for my sweetheart. Yes, it actually means that I prepared the idea of the present months in advance!! Why? Limited thing, waiting on a waiting list, to see if I could get the gadget. And then, of course, a Darthy Birthday Cake. I think this is the time I waited and plotted something for the longest time, teasing someone about what a future present would be.

I had to wait a lot for the present. It was worth it, but I’ve never plotted something like it before. Months and detail planing in such a scale. It was fun!

Note: The idea of 5 Fandom Friday was started up by Super Space Chick, and I found it out at the Nerdy Girlie.

Showa Emperor pic from WWII Database.
Tengwar pic from stack exchange.

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