How to draw a whimsy face, step by step

Mixed Media Lenormand Project

I decided to add some extra cards to my Mixed Media Lenormand Project so that you can choose which cards you want to use :) So, how to draw a whimsy face?

If you are going to use Neocolors or Watercolors for painting the face, I highly recomend you to use 200g/m2, 300g/m2 or 370g/m2 paper. More layers means a thicker paper. To begin drawing you just need paper, pencil and eraser.

whimsy, face, tarot, lenormand, petit lenormand, art, mixed media

1. First you need to draw a circle. Depending on the shape of face you want to get, you can do a perfect rounded circle, an oval, etc. Please make sure that you are comfortable with the circle shape that you have chosen.

2. Then draw a vertical line that cuts your circle in two parts.

3. And then draw an horizontal line that cuts your circle in two parts. (Note: it doesn’t need to be damn perfect).

4. Then draw a line that cuts in two parts the bottom half of the circle.

whimsy, face, tarot, lenormand, petit lenormand, art, mixed media

5. And now draw a line that cuts the half bottom of the circle.

6. Use the first horizontal line you draw to place the eyes. To know the correct distance draw 3 eyes of the same shape (more or less). Nope, we aren’t drawing an alien. The third middle eye is just a measure to place two eyes in the correct way. We’ll erase it later.

7. On the second horizontal line, in the part that meets the vertical line, we’ll place a small circle. That will be the nose.

8. And under that we’ll draw two little lines. If you take a look to your mouth, you’ll see those under your nose :)

whimsy, face, tarot, lenormand, petit lenormand, art, mixed media

9, 10 & 11. We will draw the mouth. First we draw the line of the upper lip, and then two tiny circles (guidelines to the bottom part of the uppper lip), and another circle (the chin). Then we can draw the bottom lip.

! Decide how whimsy you want your face. According to that you will need to add more details to the nose!

whimsy, face, tarot, lenormand, petit lenormand, art, mixed media

12. If you’ve decided to make a more realistic nose, add details. Once you’ve done that, erase all the vertical and horizontal lines carfully.

13. Add details to the eyes. Think about how your eyes are shaped, what details they can have, and which ones you would like to add. (You don’t need to add absolutely everything!)

14 & 15. This is how I usually draw the black part of the eyes, and decide where to place the light (which should depend on where you want the shadows, thus, from where comes the light).

whimsy, face, tarot, lenormand, petit lenormand, art, mixed media

16 & 17. Use the top of the circle to start drawing the hair. You can get as wild as you want here. Or you can choose a more classic or dreamy style. Remember to erase the extra lines from the circle, otherwise the hair is going to look… weird!

19. Use neocolors, watercolors or whatever you like to paint the face. I used neocolors… Thus a bunch of layer after layers. I also used acrylics and Faber-Castell pitt pens.

<3 Tadaaaa! After painting the hair it’s almost done!

Drawing faces can be really fun. You just need practice and some patience. You can draw as many or less details as you want. The rules are yours to make or destroy! Hehehe.

It’s not finished yet, but it looks like a good option for a Lenormand card. :)

  • Bridgett Bassett Trejo

    ha! i did it!! shes so cute. will show you later on facebook :) x Bridgett

    • dePepi

      Yay! Post it post it!! :)

  • Chloe

    Thanks for the breakdown, Pepi! Will give it a go at the weekend :D

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      Yay! :D

  • Rootweaver

    Awesome tutorial! <3

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      Thanks! :)

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    Love it! Fantastic tutorial Pepi!

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      Thank you Sharon!! <3

  • fayth

    Dear Pepi,
    Your tutorial was such an inspiration for me today. I want to thank you for sharing this post. Attempted my first ever ‘pretty-face-with-whimsy’. I love this website, your works are truly truly amazing!!

    Live life w/ whimsy

    • dePepi

      Thank you Fayth! <3