The Magnificent Seven (2016)

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This past Sunday I saw The Magnificent Seven, and it was incredible! (After that I got a cold and I didn’t feel so magnificent.) I’m not a huge fan of Westerns, to be honest. However, to go and enjoy The Magnificent Seven was just a family question. As a kid, I saw the original movie thousands of times because of my grandparents. Then, as a teen I discovered that this film is based on The Seven Samurai, a film by Akira Kurosawa.

The Seven Samurai is the story of a village of farmers who live in fear from the bandits who steal their crops every year. It takes place during the Sengoku Era (Warring States) around 1586. Sound a bell? The Magnificent Seven is a remake of this film in American Western shape. Akira Kurosawa’s masterpiece was a boom in 1954. No wonder The Magnificent Seven was also a hit worldwide back in 1960.

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Funko Friday: Strawberry Shortcake from the past

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Funko Friday is here again, but this time remembering the past with Strawberry Shortcake. When I saw that Funko had produced scented Strawberry Shortcake Pops, I was taken back in time. When I was a kid, my mother bought be a Strawberry Shortcake scented doll. The case was an ice-cream. I played with that doll a lot, and I used to put her to sleep in her ice-cream box. The strawberry scent lasted for quite a while. Now, I can remember my childhood again thanks to Funko!

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Comics THORsday: Silk, the life and times of Cindy Moon

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Welcome to a Comics THORsday! Today we’re reading Silk, the life and times of Cindy Moon. Silk was bitten by the same spider that bit Peter Parker when she was a teen. It gave her powers similar to those of the Amazing Spider-Man. However, afraid that she could harm her family, and that spider-hunters and murderers called the Inheritors could murder them, she locked herself in a bunker for ten years. Whose idea was it? Ezekiel Sims, a super rich man who, theoretically, wanted to help her. He died, and Spider-Man found her. But when she goes out of the bunker, she is unable to find her family. Where are they?

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(C) Marvel. Silk, the life and times of Cindy Moon

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Scratchy dePepi Giveaway. Because, why not!?

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Tada~! The scratchy dePepi giveaway is here. Because, why not? I have a cute Japanese nails set to giveaway to my wonderful readers. Because, if we’re to be Superheroes and scratch villains’ faces, we better do it in style. I must admit that I don’t paint my nails too often, and when I do, I do them in black! However, I love these sets and take a look at other people’s hands. (I know, it’s weird.)

So, what’s up with all these super decorated nails? Although many people see painting nails or polishing them as utterly frivolous, I think that they speak volumes about the person who shows them. They’re just another add-on fashion item that we use to explain our personalities. Some people like them cute, others like them natural, and others like them black. (Blame Loki for that, I wonder if I indeed have a villain’s heart.)

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Superhero Fashion: When the Costume and the Superhero get real

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Superhero fashion get’s all too real when the costume and the Superhero jump from the comic book pages or the screen to the real world. What does it mean to wear a mask on the streets? Is spandex a good idea to fight meat and bone criminals? Is it legal to “Cosplay” and work as a Superhero in our free time?

Wearing a Superhero costume and decide to work as a Superhero in real life can be challenging. Even if the appropriation of the costume and the mask might be symbolic, wearing them introduces real legal concerns that fictional Superheroes don’t tend to face in fictional narratives. Think for a moment: what would you think if someone dressed in a flashy costume wearing a mask faces a thief who is trying to get your purse? Would you take him seriously? Or, would you think it’s a mad man who wants to make things worse? Would you freak out and think it’s a terrorist?

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Pussy Riot Members.

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OUAT: Once Upon A Time… StoryBrooke

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Welcome to OUAT, or Once Upon a Time. We’re going to start our journey in StoryBrooke, a little town where magic happens. There are monsters, evil characters, and heroes! You’ve got love, hate, redemption and all you need to spend a wonderful time binge watching on Netflix. Season 6 is around the corner. However, we’re going to start with Henry and his book. Yes! We’re going to start from the Pilot, back at season 1!

We’re going to explore a little bit season one as a whole, and then focus on episodes 1 to 5 (pilot, the thing you love the most, snow falls, the price of gold, and that still small voice).

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Old Comics: Madness & Jewels. Vol.1

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Did you know that you can read some old comics online? Some are just madness while others are jewels. I decided to create some lists from time to time so you can join me and discover vintage comics. Vintage comics can be challenging: you end up wondering what the authors were thinking when depicting some stuff in the covers and panels. They are also an excellent way to see how comics and stereotypes have changed through the ages. I’ve chosen a list of misfits and jewels.

I admit it: some of the covers are bewildering if not disturbing. However, in this list, there are two jewels that you will enjoy a lot. Even if the whole collection isn’t available.

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These first set of comics comes from Ziff-Davis Publications. And yes, some of the covers are super weird. We start with Alice New Adventures in Wonderland, from 1951. The series available online are from July/August to September/October 1951. And, yes, someone is spanking Alice!

Amazing Adventures has a fascinating cover. It was published in 1950 and run till fall 1952, with a total of 6 issues. Romance is all over the place, with all types of characters.

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Comic Books to add to your reading wish list Vol. 4

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Here’s another comic book list to add to your reading wish list. Here you have a list of American, Japanese and European comics to read. Some of them are already classics, and others made the world of comics crumble. Take a look at this list and decide which comics call your name. They’re all great reads!

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We start with Akira (by Katsuhiro Otomo). This is a Japanese cyberpunk post-apocalyptic series. According to it, Tokyo is going to be devastated during the Olympic games of 2020… This manga was written back in 1984. Tokyo has been destroyed in manga and anime many times, but it’s enerving that there will be the Olympic games in 2020, so I wonder, we will meet Akira? (If so, let me tell you: we’re doomed!)

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Loki Year 2016: Keep Calm and Join Loki’s Army

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Welcome to another chapter of the Loki Year 2016! This time, we’ll keep calm and join Loki’s Army. Today we’re going to talk about the arrangement of Loki and Odin to end the World, the lay of Thrum, Loki’s Army, and we’ll also explore lessons 6 to 8 from book three of the Gospel of Loki. Let’s begin with the end of the World according to Loki : Nine Naughty Tales of the Trickster. Odin calls Loki in his presence to tell him a plan to make the Gods deeds live forever. He shows Loki a lonely figure that will come and destroy them: a man.

“Loki turned his head and saw a small, solitary figure walking across the sand. As he drew closer, Loki could make out a slight, bearded man wearing a simple one-piece garment that fell to just past his knees. His skin and hair were both dark, and he looked as though a strong wind would knock him over.
“And what do I see? A pathetic mortal who would barely make a light snack for one of my sons?”

That pathetic mortal turns out to be Jesus, and his followers are going to sweep up every single memory of Asgard. So, what to do to preserve their names, their memories and their deeds? Armageddon!

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Funko Friday: My next OUAT wish list

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Funko Friday is here again, and this time with my next OUAT wish list. Once Upon a Time has a new wave of Pops coming up. I have all of them, including the purple Regina. And now I need to get my hands on these new Pops. However, I must admit that I’m a little bit disappointed since there are some characters missing from this new wave. Where is the Dark Swan? And Henry?

It is evident who the most famous characters in the show are. If we take a look at the number of Pops, each character has we find out the absolute winners: Regina and Hook.

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