Mr. Wonderful, the perfect schedule book for bloggers

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As promised, here you have all about Mr. Wonderful schedule books! For me, Mr. Wonderful creates the perfect schedule books for bloggers: lots of cute pages, tons of stickers, and practical stuff that you’ll find in them. Mr. Wonderful is a brand from Barcelona, Spain. After eight years in Japan, I thought I wouldn’t find cute schedule books anywhere else. I was wrong: I found them when I came back home! These schedule books are inspired by Japanese ones. Of that, I’m certain. However, when I started purchasing them three years ago, they were only available in one language: Spanish. This year, however, they added other languages to the lot. And so, I bought it in Italian.

I buy them online. Why? I had the opportunity to go to any shop and buy one, however, when you order them online you get extras: a cute bag where you can place it, or where you can put your favorite goodies. And a small thank you gift: a lollypop. So, if you buy one of these: do it online! The extra perks are worth it!

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Loki Year 2016: Balder’s Return

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Welcome to another chapter of the Loki Year 2016! Today we’re reading all about Balder’s return from Loki : Nine Naughty Tales of the Trickster. In this tale we find all the Gods mourning the death of Balder. It was Loki the one to plot his death. Although all the Gods know it was Loki, they still think what to do next. And while they’re gathered to mourn Balder, suddenly he appears through the door. But, he is dead, and it’s very unlikely that Hel lets him free. However, he explains to them that he’s out for a while, but that he has sworn an oath and must return soon.

One by one he greets and one by one tells them a different fate from the one told by Odin. They all wait for Balder’s death to trigger Ragnarok, but his comforting makes them happy again. So, one by one, explain to him their fate, and one by one listen to the new happy one and embrace it.

But, where’s Loki?

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Comics THORsday: They’re not like us, Black holes for the young

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Welcome to a Comics THORsday! We’re going to discover They’re not like us, Black holes for the young. This Image Comics comic book caught my eye because of the artwork. It’s a little bit unusual, but it managed to get me interested. When I started reading it at the local comic book store, I had to buy it. It’s a masterpiece! A great insight into what might go on in today’s young people’s minds. But it does it with style. If you’re a fan of the X-men, you’re going to like this one. There are similarities between “They’re not like us” and the “X-men.” An older guy, who owns a mansion, makes it a refuge for young people who are different from the regular humans. Yes, these youngsters have abilities. But, unlike the X-men, they’re not mutants nor persecuted.

The main difference here is that the young characters of the comic are angry with the world. They do what they want, and use their powers as they wish, taking from society what they consider was denied to them.

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Focal vocabulary related to ships and fan fiction

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Here you have a list with some focal vocabulary related to ships and fan fiction. Enjoy!

Angst: Although it’s often used to describe fan fiction that is dark and characters that suffer a lot; it’s also used for situations or literary pieces with the same dark and suffering charged characters.

ATTHS: “And then they have sex.” From the X-Files fandom. It’s used by authors who don’t want to describe explicit sex in their fan fiction pieces.

AU: Alternative Universe.

Archive: A website that publishes fan fiction stories from many different authors.

BAMF: Badass motherfucker. It’s used to describe strong, independent and badass female characters (or a male character if you read slash).

Beta/beta reader: An editor of fan fiction; someone who reads the story before it is released to the main public.

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Geek Girl Brunch Brighton Ghostbusters Edition (+ movie review)

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Yesterday was a big day! I went to the Geek Girl Brunch Brighton Ghostbusters edition, and it was a blast! We met to eat in a haunted restaurant in Brighton, but the big thing was the movie. Don’t listen to the haters: the movie is a masterpiece. It honors the previous films; it swaps genders without being a feminist claim, and it’s super funny. So, before I review the movie itself, let me tell you how was the brunch. We met quite late, around 3 pm at a Mexican restaurant called El Mexicano, where there has been ghost-seeing. Nope, we didn’t see any ghost, but we had a lovely time eating and playing games. We gave away Ghostbusters Funko Pops, and we got ready for the huge thing: the film.

The food was lovely. Ghost hunting was impossible since the ghost of the restaurant didn’t show up, but the whole brunch was a blast. We played games with Tarot and Ghostbuster cards, and we arrived just on time to the cinema!

[SPOILER ALERT: you’ll find spoilers for the movie from now on. If you keep reading you’ll be spoiled!]

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Comics THORsday: Doctor Strange, the Way of the Weird

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Welcome to a Comics THORsday on LOKIsday! We’re going to explore Doctor Strange, the Way of the Weird. It’s a comic for those who are open minded and eager to get shocked by great art. I’m not going to lie to you: I loved every single page of this volume. It’s creepy at times, funny, alluring and intoxicating. Doctor Strange is going to be portrayed by Cumberbatch this fall. Thus, it’s not astonishing to find him within the pages of many different comics across Marvel titles this year. Yes: you can spot Doctor Strange with Cumberbatch’s face in several pages. However, not so much in this volume. Doctor Strange was born back in July 1963 from the hands of Steve Ditko. He first appeared in Strange Tales #110. Doctor Strange was especially popular on College campuses. Ditko’s trippy and surrealistic illustrations through magical dimensions looked a lot like what the youth of the 1960s was experiencing with psychedelic drugs. When Ditko left drawing Doctor Strange, Marie Severin became a regular penciler. Doctor Strange had entered the Popular Culture stream along with Spider-Man, so when Esquire magazine asked for a feature to Marvel, it sounded weird. None of the male artists at Marvel took it seriously, and so the job to provide five pages of Doctor Strange’s weirdness went to Severin. It might sound like a small thing, but in a time where there were only two women working in mainstream comics, this is huge news! (Only Ramona Fradon and Marie Severin, working for DC and Marvel respectively, were in the comics industry at the time!!)

But, who is Doctor Strange?

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(C) Marvel; Doctor Strange, the Way of the Weird

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Loki Year 2016: Valhalla

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Welcome to another chapter of the Loki Year 2016! Today we’re going to Valhalla through lessons 8 to 11 (Book 2) from the Gospel of Loki. Thor and Loki have taken the kids Thialfi and Roskva on an adventure. However, this will proof fatal for our favorite Gods, since these two little humans will see that they’re not all that powerful. There is a Danish animation movie that covers the adventures of the kids along with Thor and Loki called Valhalla. This is an entertaining movie that saw the light back in 1986. Many kids across Europe could enjoy it. If you like animation, you can use it to discover what’s going to happen during lessons 8 to 11 in The Gospel of Loki.

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Geek Girls x Bloggers Funko Swap busts Ghosts

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Geek Girls x Bloggers Funko swap busts Ghosts thanks to Jillian Holtzmann. We created a Funko Swap within the group, and my parter turns out to be Stacy, from Geeks and Lattes. According to the rules, we had only to list five Funkos that we loved and swapped them with our partner. Let me tell you, to create a list of only five Pops is tough and a challenge. So, it took me a while to make my list and send it out. Stacy was really nice, and she sent me a character that I might love deeply. I chose a Disney Pop for her from the list she sent me, and she surprised me with Jillian!

I’m going to the movies tomorrow. As a kid, I loved the Ghostbusters, so it just makes sense to root for the Ghostbusters again. I hope that the film will be great since I’m super interested in seeing what they did with the gender swap of roles.

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Superhero Fashion: Striptease, what Superheroes have in common with Anthropologists

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Superhero fashion can have more meaning when we take a look to its striptease. When Superheroes put off their civilian clothes and put on their spandex, they’re doing more than just changing their clothing. Even if it seems odd, Superman and Anthropologists share the same ideas when choosing their clothes. But how so? Superman, like many other Superheroes, lives in a fight negotiating the relationship between two different identities: Clark Kent and Superman. This struggle defines the Superhero as much as his costume. In fact, his civilian clothes and his civilian identity define him just as much. Having a dual identity asks from the Superhero to have two different closets: civilian and super, ordinary and extraordinary.

When Superman dresses up in his civilian clothes, what he is doing is doing a role, much like an actor. In his civilian clothes he is also doing another super important thing: putting himself apart from his super self, the Superhero. When Superman dresses in any of his suits, civilian or super, he is performing for an audience. In one, he has the role of what he thinks humans are: sloppy and clumsy. Because let’s face it, Clark is quite silly. But when he is Superman, he acts for the people in a selfless way. In both roles, he has an audience.

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Loki Year 2016: Celebrity Culture

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Welcome to another chapter of the Loki Year 2016! Sorry for the delay, but there’s been a lot these days, and it was hard to catch up. Today we’re going to explore what is celebrity culture from the point of view of Geek Anthropology of Loki’s Army and if it has something to do with Loki. We see celebrity culture as something related to the 21st century with phenomenons like the Beatles or the King. However, in some places celebrity culture goes back to the middle ages. In Japan, for example, the celebrities and fans were booming around Kabuki theaters. However, the type of celebrity culture we enjoy today is connected to technology and capitalism: we consume celebrity as much as we consume chocolate. Celebrities cannot exist without fans; that’s a reality. Thus, fans and celebrities are just heads and tails of the same coin: celebrities need fans to maintain their status, and fans need someone who makes them dream.

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