Funko Friday: Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them Funko Pops

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Welcome to Funko Friday! Today we’re talking about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Funko Pops. In particular, about the sisters Queenie and Tina Goldstein. These sisters couldn’t be more different, and so, there’s no surprise when taking a look at their Pop counterparts.

Queenie is a stylish woman, and so her Pop is also super stylish. However, Tina’s Pop is pretty nerdy. To have only one of these Pops would be madness since both create a singular duo.

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Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

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Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is a fantasy classic that children and grownups can enjoy. I decided to re-read all Harry Potter, and the first volume came with delight: Snape. I can’t say anything about Harry because I don’t like him very much. But Hermione, Snape, and Luna are perfect for me.

This first volume is fun, super quick to read, and an excellent way to get hooked in the Harry Potter series. I had already forgotten how much fun I had with it years ago. This time, I’m reading the UK version of the books. Even so, Hagrid comes as a complicated character. His way of speaking kills me. But he’s such a soft giant!

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The Eagle Huntress, everything is possible

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Yesterday I saw the Eagle Huntress in the cinema. The Eagle Huntress is a documentary about the quest of Aisholpan, a 13-year-old Kazakh girl from Mongolia who dreams of becoming an Eagle Hunter in her country. She lives with her nomadic family, goes to school and helps her family. Her mentor is her father, who believes all kids are equal. In fact, her quest is a memorable one taking into account that Eagle Hunting is mainly a male activity. She comes from a family with several generations of Eagle Hunters.

Her family could have quickly stopped her from such a dangerous endeavor. However, her father is determined to teach her if that’s what she wants. And her mother is willing to have a happy kid. If she intends to be an Eagle Huntress, so be it. This way of doing things shocks with the way of thinking of most elders: women are weaker, don’t know how to hunt, etc.

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What I’m Watching: the OA, from Netflix

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I found another jewel on Netflix again: a show called the OA. It’s a mystery drama with science fiction, fantasy, and supernatural elements. It has some similar features to Stranger Things. So, if you liked the show, like suspense and science fiction and fantasy, you might love this show.

The central star is a woman called Prairie who comes back home after being missing for more than seven years. She was blind for most of her life, but when she comes back, she can see again. No one can explain that, nor the strange scars she has on her back. To make things spicier, she calls herself the OA. At first, it looks like another case of abduction, and neighbors and other people treat her like a weirdo.

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Me & My Vulcan: Loving an Autistic guy. Talking to Walls

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It’s been a long while since I talked about me & my Vulcan. Autism is a topic that I like to talk about from time to time when exciting things happen. The other day we went to have a pint with an old neighbor of ours to a nearby pub. As you know, my Vulcan has High Functioning Autism, aka HFA. He went out of the autistic closet, and to our surprise, our old neighbor told us about his group at Uni where people talk about diversity of all types. One of the girls has HFA too. In trying to explain how she feels when talking to people she had a brilliant idea: let’s talk to walls.

At first sight, this might seem silly. But, we’ve tried it as soon as we came back home and it works. I’m the neurotypical illogical part of this partnership that is going to celebrate ten years of happy entanglement. For me, it’s hard to understand what happens in my Vulcan’s head. However, there’s always a new way to get to understand my sweetie. It looks like walls work miracles!

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Funko Friday: Why do we collect Funko Pop figurines?

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Welcome to Funko Friday! I decided to change the banner and explore why we collect Funko Pop figurines. New year, new banner, a new approach to this adorable section of the blog. Why do we collect Funko Pop figurines? One natural question would be just stating that Pops are too cute to resist. But, that would be misleading. Some people collect Pops, others collect other types of figurines, other people collect Tarot decks and others stamps. So, the question should be: why do we collect stuff?

From ancient times we know that we’ve been hooked on collecting what seemed to be useless junk. Ancient people were buried with their belongings: jewellery, swords, pottery, dead slaves (creepy, I know) and figurines! Striking but true, we’ve been collecting figurines since times immemorial. We started collecting “Gods,” and now we’re collecting Pops. Have we fallen from grace?

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Comics THORsday: Gotham Academy, Welcome to Gotham Academy Vol.1

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Welcome to Comics THORsday and Gotham Academy. This first volume is amazing. If you love books like Harry Potter, you might love this comic book series. It’s a sweet take that DC has on youths who attend a quite creepy Gotham Academy. The story is centered on Olive and Maps (Mia). Maps is a new student. Olive is asked to show her around since is in her second grade. Olive is troubled. She doesn’t want to talk to her boyfriend and has extreme fear to bats. So, imagine her disgust every time she sees the Bat-sign in the sky.

In this volume, we see an average girl hating the hero of the city. She doesn’t fancy Batman very much. In fact, you’re bound to get more than one surprised with this volume: Batman might be the bad guy here.

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Moana, well done Disney!

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Yesterday I saw Moana, the new film from Disney that has a different female hero. I must say that I didn’t expect much from the movie, but it surprised me greatly. Since it’s an animation film, I went alone to the cinema. My sweetheart doesn’t like Disney or animation very much. But I don’t mind going alone to the cinema. I’ve done it since I was a teen. For some reason, there are always titles that I want to enjoy, and others find weird.

This movie is pure gold! Forget the other Disney princesses because Moana beats them all! She’s independent, resolute, stubborn and smart. She embarks herself in a hero’s journey, and she is successful. And, there’s no love involved whatsoever!

[SPOILERS: from here onwards there are massive spoilers from the movie. I can’t write a proper review without giving parts of the movie away, so stop reading from here if you haven’t seen it yet. If you’re okay with spoilers, please be my guest.]

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The Sword of Shannara, an epic fantasy tale

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The Sword of Shannara is an epic fantasy tale that you will either love or hate. I’m a Lord of the Rings fan, and it seems that this novel is a tribute to it. Despite this, there are mixed feelings about the Shannara Chronicles out there. Some people love it, but others hate it. I belong to the group who finds it fascinating. It’s not exactly like LOTR, although you can see many similar things along the way. The world-building is nice, the characters are believable, and the story has some surprises by the end of the book.

But it has a downfall: there’s only a female character having something to say, and she’s a damsel in distress. Despite this, the story is worth it. So, I’ll be keeping my plan of reading all the Shannara Chronicles little by little.

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Geek Anthropology: Geek Language

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Geek Anthropology is back! We’re going to explore the ins and outs of geek language. Humans rely on language as a means of communication. Most anthropologists tend to agree that language is a system of arbitrary vocal symbols that we use to encode our experiences of the world.

The study of language from a cultural point isn’t new. Anthropologists have been geeking about language since the beginning since language is easy to observe and study in detail. It seems that all began with Sir William Jones (1746-94), who studied Sanskrit in India. He found out that Sanskrit had several similarities to classical Greek, Latin, and other modern European languages. And this was amazing since it pointed to a common origin.

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