Unboxing Marvel Collector Corps Avengers Age of Ultron Box

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Yay! Prepare for the unboxing Marvel Collector Corps Avengers Age of Ultron Box experience! Today I went to the local post office to pick up my box. Since it’s a little bit far away, I decided to go to my favorite cupcake coffee shop to open the box and start fangirling about it.

[SPOILER ALERT] If you haven’t received your box yet, and do not wish to see what’s inside, please stop right now. Yes: right away. If you follow reading you’ll see all the contents of my box. For those who are up to it: WELCOME!

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Exploring identity with Yuri Manga: Girl friends by Milk Morinaga

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Exploring identity with yuri manga is a delight, only if representation is well made. Yuri manga is a manga and anime genre that involves love between women. It focuses on the sexual or emotional aspects of a relationship while it can depict extraordinary or ordinary events within the story. Some stories are better than others to explore your own identity. However, there’s something crucial: a good representation of the characters.

Today we’ll explore ‘Girl Friends’ by Milk Morinaga, who presents us two young high school girls who start a friendship, and who, little by little get in love with one another. They are average Japanese high school students who enjoy their afternoons like an average Japanese girl would do: they go shopping, study together, go to have some snacks out to a cheap place, hang around with friends, etc. In short, Morinaga presents us with a very realistic love story. Despite its realism, we must take in mind that this is a manga for men, and as such it contains ideals and stereotypes of what average Japanese girls do while in high school: make up, shopping, dressing up…

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Wonder Women: the untold story of American Superheroines

Wonder Women: the untold story of American Superheroines is a documentary about comics, Wonder Woman, feminism and real and paper Superheroines. But beyond that is about female visual representation and how pop culture can influence or mirror the present.

Media representation of female and male characters deeply talks about human nature: how we see ourselves, what we wish to be, how we even give our opinions about how things are at present. One of the comic Superheroes that has exemplified how things were and are for women has been Wonder Woman: kickass during WWII, romantic foe without powers afterwards, to see her strength come again at a later age, but not quite in the same way as her origins.

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2011.3.11 I won’t forget

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2011.3.11 it’s a date with a lot of meaning for me. I was living in Tokyo when the earthquake shook all the northern part of Japan. I was translating at the time, sipping from a mug of coffee when everything started to shake. The first thing that I thought was that the Kanto Earthquake had arrived. Ever since I arrived in Japan in 2004 I had been told about the great Kanto Earthquake that would destroy Tokyo. So, I thought it was that one. However, I was wrong: this was the Tohoku megathrust! And he had company: a devastating Tsunami that washed away lots of towns in the North.

I won’t forget that day. In just 5 minutes my life had changed without me noticing it. In fact, there was no one in Tokyo that would not be touched by the event. Everyone had a friend who had family on the North. And painfully enough, some were washed away.

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Understanding HFA time

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We take for granted our understanding of time. However, different cultures can have a different understanding of what time is and how it works. Not only different cultures might understand time in different ways, autistic people can do that too. Understanding HFA time can be challenging, since HFA time could mean “no time at all.” My Vulcan understands time as “no time,” so let me explain it using the world of comics.

In the world of comics time and space are the same. Time can vary as much as seconds or a million years in just what might look similar sequences. You can have dinosaurs in one panel, and then a car in the next one. The reader can interpret a quick pace of time in this sequence. You could also have a dinosaur looking left in one panel, and then the same dinosaur smiling in the next. In this case, we could assume that some seconds have elapsed. In comics, time is vague, and so it is for autistic people.

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Funkomics #2: The Next Generation

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Yay! Funkomics #2 is here with Star Trek: The Next Generation. Unfortunately, there is no Beverly Crusher in the Funko set, and we can only have Troi. In one chapter Worf and Diana married (alternate Universe). So, I decided that the couple for Worf in this Star Trek Funko Universe will be Troi. So yup, Worf and Troy! Though, Riker will be somewhat gealous.

As for the rest, I might think who will be the best option from other Funkos (they might find or not a loved one). Let’s enjoy Funkomics!

She Makes Comics, the Documentary

She Makes Comics is a great documentary about women in comics. She Makes Comics explains the history of women in comics highlighting the contributions they made to the medium. There are dozens of great interviews and insight that make you see the world of comics not just as a male centered medium. Interviews include renown women in comics like Ramona Fradon, Trina Robbins, Joyce Farmer, Karen Berger, Kelly Sue DeConnick, and Becky Cloonan.

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