Things I love LOKIsday Vol. 8

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Welcome to things I love LOKIsday again!! This week has been busy again. It’s has been a little bit challenging because I really wanted to read all my favorite blogs and I’m in a terrible delay! Again I see myself trying to catch up during the weekend. Despite all the busy days, I had some time to take a coffee with a friend. We had a great time despite being really short. This week we also had Black Friday and I could finally take my We Love Fine Star Trek cardigan. (I couldn’t resist it. It was too good as to ignore it!) Was there more? Yup!

1. I got a super cool postcard, Star Wars stickers, and Japanese food!

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A Japanese friend sent me this super cool parcel plenty of Xmas presents (mostly Japanese food), and Star Wars stickers! They’re so cool! (The geek in me is pleased!) And also a beautiful Japanese New Year postcard with the Fuji on it and a very warm message in it. You cannot imagine how happy it made me!

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Fandom Friday: 5 Black Friday NEEDS

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Welcome to a mischievous fandom Friday! Black Friday is here, and I already bought some of the stuff that I listed below. [Plus I added some stuff that you cannot get in real life, not during Black Friday, not during Xmas, not ever! You’ll discover that later on.] Because I’m quite a weirdo when it comes to shopping, I do most of the shopping online. I get really tired when I try to buy clothing. I go out with the intention to buy a shirt, and once I’m in the shop, with all the people around and too many things to choose from, I get blocked. So, it might happen that I end up buying nothing! Basically, I am unable to see anything around me anymore, and even if I had the deal of the century I would be blind to it! Funny, isn’t it? [Specially if you’re trying to buy some clothing in whatever shop in Tokyo and get confused because there are too many people around you, like you feel trapped, and then there are too many things to choose from, so you get so tired that you need to escape the place… without buying anything!] So, what do I need this Black Friday?

1. We Love Fine Star Trek TNG Cardigan.

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I’m a Trekker and I need this! [In fact, I ordered it already!] I entered the fandom thanks to my mother. We would watch together the episodes of Star Trek TNG. Even though my favorite characters are Data and Captain Picard, my choice is that of another department. No red shirt, no yellow shirt, but the blue one. People tell me I am good giving pieces of advice. I’m sure that I’m going to nail it with the proper uniform! [Note: I love We Love Fine geek fashion!! I’m hooked!]

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Funko Friday: Why Do You Collect Funko?

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And here we’re again with another Funko Friday. And this time the topic is hard: why do you collect Funko? Good question. Good question indeed. Why do I collect Funko? Because they’re cute? It might seem distressing, but the only answer that I come with is that Loki made me do it and that they’re too cute! I do not collect all Funko, and even if I love a fandom a lot, if I don’t like the Funko they’ve made, I won’t buy it. So, as a collector I’m a tricky one. I must be moved by the character, or there has to be some chemistry there to the pop make it on my working desk. [Yes, my working desk has all the Funko! On the books, around the computer… I know… I couldn’t be geekier!] But why are these figurines so tempting for me?

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Comics THORsday: the Marvel Method

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Welcome to another comics THORsday! We’re going to talk about the Marvel Method today. It is a model of comic production that some publishers use and that was introduced by Stan Lee in the 60s. As he was overworked, writing and editing almost everything at Marvel, he decided to take out some of his work and pass it onto others. So, he plotted a method by which he would give a plot summary to the artist to develop. And this was odd to say the least! Till Stan Lee came up with a solution for his overwork problem, most comic books were done in an assembly-machine like manner. So, imagine in a room a chain with the editor, the writer, the penciler, the letterer, the inker, the colorist and the cover artist. The writer would pass on a full script to the penciler to draw, and this meant that artists had not much freedom. However, Stan Lee’s method made it possible for artists to have a greater freedom in coming up with visual elements.

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Fandom Characters: Loki of Asgard

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Today we start a new section: fandom characters that explain a lot about us! And we start with Loki of Asgard [of course it had to be him!] Have you ever wondered why you like more a character than other, or why you get hooked with them, or even want to date them? Fandom characters that we like explain volumes about us. In fact, stating out loud who your favorite characters are is quite tricky since you’re giving a lot of information away about you and your personality. That I have written a book about Loki explains volumes about me, but how? What does have Loki that makes him give away part of my personality? What do we have in common? Why do I like this villain? Is it just chemistry on the works or is there more playing in my subconscious?

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Book Reading List: Geek Anthropology Books

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I thought I would share with you a book reading list from time to time. I want to start with books related to Geek Anthropology, one of my passions. Most of them are related to fandom studies. Fandoms are one of the greatest ways by which we can explore human behavior and digital and analog cultures. Some of these books are essentials to start exploring fandoms from a different point of view, not just as a fan or insider who enjoys them. Take them, however, with a pinch of salt, and compare what they say with your own experiences. Will you take this ride with me?

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Lessons on Geek Anthropology: Consuming Beauty

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This week’s lessons on Geek Anthropology comes a little bit late and hot. It’s all about consuming beauty. Have you ever thought why we are so hard on Hollywood stars? Or why there are so many trolls commenting every single aspect of their bodies? Or why they do the same with people online? Or why we have double standards for men and women on beauty? One of the answers on why cultural stereotypes flourish and double standards are there to dox celebrities, and people who dare to share their pictures online is our thirst of consuming beauty. Consuming beauty is a daunting activity since there can’t never be satisfaction unless we start thinking about beauty on a broader sense devoid of stereotypes, if possible. Media creates unrealistic expectations on human beauty that are only fulfilled by a few who attain them thanks to strict diets, incredible amounts of hours in the gym and even some visits to the doctor. And so, with utter unhappiness comes the critics towards those who enjoy or dare to show a different beauty model onscreen or online.

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Sweet blogs to enjoy with a cuppa coffee Vol. 3

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And here we are again with some sweet blogs to enjoy with a cuppa coffee during November! This time, I want to introduce you to three blogs that make geek life interesting. They all talk about all things geek while you can take a look at their geek lives. They take great pics, introduce you to awesome finds [don’t blame me if you visit them and then crash your credit cards], and are all of them, great bloggers. Let them enchant you!

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Her Geekery is all about the life of a lady geek. This is one of my favorite blogs. I enjoy a lot reading her and also enlarging my wish list of all things geek thanks to her. It’s sweet! Plus her Fandom Fridays are always a blast. I found out that we share quite a lot of things in common thanks to reading her. [Plus, I was greatly surprised because last week she wrote this gorgeous review about my book and all those sweet words about this blog that I had to promo her again!]

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Fandom Merch I need: Star Wars

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Xmas is approaching and so is Star Wars! And so, there is a long list of fandom merch I need to be perfect when I go to the cinema (or stay at home reading comics!). Though I must admit that I am a Trekker to the bone, I happen to be a fan of Darth Vader. Blame Japan for finding Vader the pinnacle of dark cuteness. So, yes, since I am a Sith, I need a lot of stuff on this list! Take notes because you might find the present you’re looking for your sweetpie rebel! Jedies and Siths, embrace yourselves because the Force Awakens!

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Things I love LOKIsday Vol. 7

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Welcome to things I love LOKIsday!! I cannot get rid from the “busy week” mantra, or so it seems, at least during these last few weeks. It’s forced me to read my favorite blogs during weekends, and it frustrates me because I want to know what’s up every day. I just hope that next week will be different, and I’ll be able to do things on time. But, not all things have been this way this week. There are some cool news to extreme fangirl over and let the Universe crash with my screams! Remember last week’s things I love LOKIsday vol.6 where I shared a pic in which I have a gorgeous Captain America sweater? Well, keep reading!!!

1. I’ve been featured on We Love Fine‘s webpage [and I need to tell the whole world!!!]

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I think I cannot fangirl harder about this! One week after getting the best Captain America sweater out there I got featured in my favorite geek shop! How cool is that? [The pic was taken a day I slept just a few, felt like a zombie, and by a friend who is shorter than me! The pic of doom has been featured!! And I am loving it!] I’ve never been featured in this way anywhere, so I have to share it with the entire Universe! [Not that the Universe will care, but I have to share it anyway.]

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