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Labels can be useful, but also a curse. When talking on Twitter about writing a post about sexuality, I realized that as a fangirl I had a heroic life in high-school. The problem is that I lived mostly among books, comics, shows, and movies. My preferences for the real life where non-existent, or annoying. To compare humans to any fictional badass character in the books can be a blessing, but also a curse!

Very much like labels, using a word like “nerdysexual” to try to explain something can be both good and bad. Labels can be a pain, especially if misunderstood. As a fangirl, a geek, and someone who loves reading books and comics, losing myself in worlds of fantasy is as natural as breathing. My crushes lived in paper worlds that someone else imagined. They also lived in shows and movies! All in all, I would end up writing fan fiction at some point.

And, yes. It was naughty.

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Geek Fashion: Get Wild with a Geek Punk Look and Thor!

Geek fashion can have many different faces. Getting a Geek Punk look can be easy or difficult depending on colors and fandoms. Since I wanted to feel stronger than usual, in a playful way, I went the punk way. Geek fashion helps to explain how you feel in the inside. Choosing your favorite fandoms helps to send a subliminal message of how you’re getting along with yourself. It also makes a self-esteem bust in the right direction. To go out and rock a punk style mixed with geek items can be somewhat tricky.

This weekend I decided to choose a great outfit. I’ve been on the punk side of fashion for a while now, and it feels great. But you don’t need to spend millions to get a great feel. So, here is my list of items with some links (I cannot remember all of them, sorry).

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Grisha Trilogy: Ruin and Rising

I finished the Grisha Trilogy during the weekend. Ruin and Rising [The Book Depository] was amazing. I couldn’t let the book down despite fearing the Darkling’s fate. Even if it’s going to be a surprise, it’s not. We all know what will happen to the Dark Side. Many characters don’t survive the Ruin of this last book. However, it’s a masterpiece plenty of surprises. Although the reader could find hints in the other books, surprises are massive.

The Darkling and Nicolai are my favorite characters. And although they’re different, they both love Alina for similar reasons. One of them is power. Alina is the Sun Summoner, the Saint, the one who can stop the Darkling and make the Fold disappear.

[SPOILERS: there’re massive spoilers ahead. If you haven’t read the books yet, stop reading right here.]

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This could be the Darkling. By fuchsiart.

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Wootbox Retro II Unboxing, August 2017

Today I’m unboxing a super cool box: Wootbox Retro II, August 2017. I got it for free from Wootbox. They contacted me some months ago, and I agreed to make an unboxing and share all the good and evil. I got no other payment than the box itself (and all the goodies inside). I know that bloggers do things differently. Usually, you get paid for unboxings. But I wanted to be free from any guilt if I didn’t like things inside of the box. So, Wootbox sent me the swag, and when I got it this weekend, I recorded the video. And thanks to the box they sent me I spent part of my weekend remembering my childhood.

So, what do I do with unboxings? I open the boxes in front of the camera and record whatever happens next all at once. I can only make this once since I have no interest whatsoever in promoting things I despise. I can edit whatever disaster happens during the adventure, but I cannot redo it again. Once I open the box, it’s done. If I like it, you’ll notice it because I make weird sounds while I fangirl. If I don’t, I’ll start complaining or saying something negative about it.

Spoiler alert: I loved this box! I’ve been torturing everyone in the house with childhood memories because of it. Did you play with the Gameboy? Did you like Mario? Then, this box was perfect for you!

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The Vocabulary of Fandom: B

So, continuing with the vocabulary of fandom, we explore some words that start with B. In this list we do have fascinating words. So, prepare yourself for the ride!

Badfic (or Trollfic): it’s a piece of fan fiction written as poorly as humanly possible in a deliberate way. These are often funny stories that stress cliches in books or shows or emphasizing horrible grammar. It can be hilarious, or incredibly nauseating. Please note that “badfic” is also used to refer to awful fan fiction.

Backstory: it’s a piece of fan fiction based on or containing scenes of, the past story of a character. These stories tend to be set before the official story begins. It can also be an original story by the author as well.

BAMF: (bad as a mother fucker). It refers to a character who is incredibly awesome. These characters are witty, clever, and super hard to defeat. These characters can have any gender, and be heroes.

Bande dessinée: comics from the Franco-Belgian tradition.

Bandom: it’s a fandom that’s all about a musical group. Bandom communities can be large, or tiny, noisy or not.

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Brighton Pride 2017: fun and colors!

Last year Brighton Pride was amazing. And this year was brilliant! I had a blast, lots of fun among many different colors. My plans this year were different from the previous one. This time I wanted to eat rainbow cake. I know that I can do that whenever I want, but I just thought it fitted the day perfectly! So, what we did first was going to the Parade and see lots of colors and fun.

After around two hours of Parade, we were quite tired. So, we ended up in a fancy restaurant to enjoy the traditional English Breakfast. We ate a lot and enjoyed the atmosphere of the place. Plus, we could relax a lot. It was fantastic. But the best part came next: rainbow cake.

So, we went to our favorite cupcake shop and ordered a slice of rainbow cake. It was massive! So much so, that I could only eat a part of it.

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#MakeMineMilkshake or how a Marvel Comics Editor is being harrassed because of a Selfie

Marvel Comics Editor Heather Antos dared to share a selfie with her coworkers online. And then trolls attacked her because of that. Fake Geek Girl is one of the many accusations that she’s faced since she dared to share her Milkshake. But what’s all this hate towards geek women? Why all the harassment online? Heather Antos is one of the many women working in comics. But you don’t need to work in comics to face such slash online or offline. Although comics, as gaming, have been thought to be male areas during many years, reality tells otherwise. There are women working in all fields, and enjoying geekdom like never before. Let’s face it: women are here to stay. Not only they have money to spend in these geek niches, but they also work in them! And most importantly: they are geek and want to show it up everywhere.

So, what’s really going on?

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Comic by Meg Danger

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Grisha Trilogy: Siege and Storm

This week I finished the second book in the Grisha Trilogy. Siege and Storm [The Book Depository] was intense and surprising. Not only Mal and the Darkling want Alina, but also Nikolai, the Prince. However, as Alina returns to the Palace, and the Darkling gathers forces to get it back, we see how her relationship with Mal erodes. She is getting stronger, and also different. He is a hero without cause at the moment.

I loved Siege and Storm way more than the first volume. It’s thrilling, and Nikolai is hilarious. There’s no way you can’t like the guy. Mal is moody, and Alina wants to get stronger. Like calls to like, but it can also be spooky.

[SPOILERS: this post has massive spoilers on the book. Refrain from reading if you haven’t read it yet.]

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New Comics to add to your Pull List this Week

This week’s new Comics are cool. Although the number of them that will make it into my pull list is low. There are many options out there. However, these two are the ones that caught my eye.

The first one is Faith and the Future Force. Faith is a body-positive superhero. Centuries from now, in the future, a defiant AI has unleashed an attack on the foundations of time. This AI wants to change history from its very beginning. Neela travels back to the 21st century to recruit Earth’s best superheroes to help her defeat the AI. And so, she needs Faith.

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Do disfigured Villains perpetuate stigma of disabled people?

Many movies portray villains as disfigured individuals. However, this might be a poor representation for disabled people. As Alaina Leary suggests, many movies have disfigured characters as their main villains continuing a trope that’s making a poor service on the representation of disabled people. Think about Darth Vader, Freddy Krueger, Voldemort and Doctor Poison (from Wonder Woman).

Darth Vader has lost almost all his humanity. This is represented by his almost mechanical body, and his scarred and burned face. Not only he lost his hand, but also his face is hideous under the mask. Voldemort has weird features and almost no nose at all. Freddy Krueger is horrible and burned. And Poison wears a facial prosthetics to hide her scars.

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