Loki Year 2016: the Avengers, let’s rock it!

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Welcome to another instalment of the Loki Year 2016! Today we’re going to watch the Avengers! I’m pretty sure you already watched the movie, but this is an excellent excuse to watch it yet again and torture those at home who don’t understand your addiction to Loki and the team of Superheroes. There are some key points in the Avengers that will let us discover parts of Loki’s personality and how he thinks. Loki is very intelligent and he has plans of his own, whatever happened with the Chitauri. So, yes, our sneaky Trickster gets real and blooms in the Avengers. But, is there anything else in the movie that speaks volumes about Loki and the US?

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Funko Friday: In search of the Lost Funko, the Resistant Pop

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This Funko Friday is all about the resistant Pop we all want. In search of the Lost Funko sounds like a pretty good title for a nightmare, specially if you’ve been searching for a long time a certain Pop. However, I must say that the resistant Funko I was looking for has been finally located. Yay! But first, the story! As you know, I’m a great fan of OUAT, but I wasn’t going to finish the OUAT Funko Pop collection. I was only interested in Hook, Killian Jones, Swan, Regina, and Rumple. However, I got Charming as a present. So, I had no option to find his Snow. Problem: I couldn’t find her! I went to the local comic book store, but they only had a zillion Star Wars pops. Then I went to London to Forbidden Planet, but they had only Charmings and Hooks. So, at the end, I had to buy her online. And it took me a while to find her! But, as you can see, you always find OUAT characters if you’re up to it :p

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Fandom Friday: 5 Favorite OTP’s

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I’m in love with this Fandom Friday because I get to talk about my favorite OTP’s!! Too bad I can only choose five of them. That was the tricky part! But before I list my favorite ships of all times, I must warn you: I have this naughty brains of mine, so expect to find some interesting combinations. True, my favorite ones are canon, but that’s just a happy coincidence. You will notice that that canon OTP’s of mine usually follow a pattern (with one exception), so, after reading my list, the next time you see a similar combo in a show, it’s provable that I might be shipping it! And without much ado, let’s begin with the reindeer games!

1. Captain Swan!!!! [OUAT]

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If you follow me, there’s no surprise here: I’m Captain Swaned, and super Hooked. This piercing-eyed, smoldering pirate got me hard. As you know, this is a canon ship within the OUAT fandom. And if you look close, you’ll see a blonde with a naughty guy with black hair and dark looks. When similar combos appear, then I’m weak and I start shipping them! Captain Swan is my OTP of all times now. I love the darkness of Hook, with a pinch of light; and the light of Swan with a pinch of darkness (even if her darkness is just too small to be appreciated). Have you seen when they kiss?? Swoon! And the answer is yes: I’d join them, adopt them, be with them, whatever! OUAT needs to have a happy ending for these two! [Or I’ll get mad!]

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Comics THORsday: The Vision, you’re different

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Comics THORsday comes back with the Vision! In the Vision #2 we meet the Visions in times of distress. Everything around them reminds them that they are, indeed, different. As you remember from the previous issue, a villain attacked the family while the Vision was not home. Results were catastrophic: his daughter was badly injured, and Mother, in despaired got rid of the Villain. In this issue we encounter a clash between what the Visions feel and how they deal with their trauma, and how their surroundings remind them that they are so different. While the community opened their arms at the beginning, now we can see that there are prejudices deeply rooted against something they fear: the unknown Visions. What happens when they get mad? Will they come at us? What are they? Monsters? People fear them and despise them in same amounts, and we can see this in this issue.

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Lessons on Geek Anthropology: Superman’s layered identity, a child from two worlds

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We return to our lessons on Geek Anthropology after a hiatus due to moving home. I’m back with a hot potato! Superman’s layered identity, a child from two worlds. When we take a look at Superman, we always think of him as Superman and Clark Kent while forgetting that he is from Krypton and Kansas. So, what is Superman’s layered identity telling us? Is he an example of someone who belongs to more than one community? Is his personality revealing to us anything else than just hints of his personality?

Let’s remember a bit about Superman first. He was born in Krypton and sent away by his parents to Earth to save him. So, he is a super baby, with super strength when he arrives on planet Earth. However, he isn’t raised with Kryptonian standards, but by the Kents, his adoptive parents, who happen to be from a small town in Kansas.

geek anthropology, geek psychology, superman, dc, depepi, depepi.com, anthropology

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Harry Potter Book Night, a Night of Spells and Presents!

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Welcome to the Harry Potter Book Night, a Night of Spells and Presents! This February 4th we’re going to have fun on Twitter and play some online games. Bloomsbury is organizing this mammoth event worldwide on February 4th, so I joined. This is the second year, and the topic is “a night of spells.” I applied to Bloomsbury to get a kit to be able to organize a wonderful Harry Potter Book Night. Although my first plan was to organize it in my new home, I decided to do it through Twitter (@dePepi) so that my friends in the US, Japan, Australia, Canada and other parts of EU can take part in it. So, what do you need to do to take part in dePepi’s Harry Potter Book Night and win this lot and maybe more goodies?

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New Year’s Mystery Crate Unboxing. Loving Loot Crate so far!

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It’s here! The New Year’s Mystery Crate Unboxing! I must say that I’m loving Loot Crate so far. This is my first box, and it was fun! I got goodies for me and goodies for my Vulcan. And it was cheap! This is my frist Loot Crate box, but I’m waiting for another one from a subscription box I chose. (I won’t spoil what exactly till it arrives home). I went for it just before moving and changing home. Happily I had already the new address, so I was on the safe side. This has come as a super distressing present from heaven since I’m in a terrible delay posting here! I still have some boxes at home to order! Working while moving is challenging. Weekends are too short to make things happen, so it’s like needing twice the gallons of coffee that I usually intake every morning. [This means that I must have pure coffee instead of blood in my veins!]

So, what did I get?? [Super cool stuff!!!!!]

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Loki Year 2016: Sif’s Haircut

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Welcome to another episode of the Loki Year 2016! We’re going to discover al about Sif’s haircut through the lens of Loki : Nine Naughty Tales of the Trickster. Expect something a little bit different from this book in regard to Norse Mythology. It’s sassy and at times it’s too funny! So, if you know already a bit of Norse Mythology, you already know that Loki is one of a kind. Sif and Thor were together, but Loki decided to have a go with Sif. What happened next? That Sif made poor Loki feel bad and he revenged by chopping her golden hair off. Then, Thor found out, and he had to visit the dwarves to fix her hair by ordering a super cute golden wig. But, do things go this way in this tale?

lady sif, loki, loki's army, lokisday, loki year, loki year 2016, mcu, depepi, depepi.com

(C) Marvel

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Fandom Friday: 5 Favorite Late To The Game TV Discoveries

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I’m back writing another Fandom Friday! I moved, and it was crazy! I am still catching up on things I want to do and that I have to do, but one of the delights of Fridays is that we get to talk about our favorite fandoms. This time, I have to confess about five of my favorite late to the game TV discoveries (only that I made them online because I’ve been without a TV since 2004!!!) So, what shows have taken my heart away very late?

1. Supernatural.

misha, misha collins, spn, spn family, supernatural, depepi, depepi.com

I arrived at the fandom in 2015! Yeah, super late! But, once I started watching the show I couldn’t stop! My sweetpie was visiting his parents, and I had no idea what to see next. We usually watch the shows together, so I decided to start one on my own. And I chose the one with more seasons! (Well, I know, Dr.Who has more seasons, but this one had all the monsters and I wanted some vampires and demons.) So I went for it! Guess what happened! I binge-watched the first season in a weekend! And I soon told my sweetpie to start digging into it because he was going to love it! Guess what: we’re addicted! Not only I arrived late, I also made someone fall for it in record time. Now I suffer like the rest of members of the family, and I have to wait a whole week before I can watch one episode. Dang!

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Funko Friday: SPN Pops, let’s salt and burn some of the other pops, shall we?

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Welcome to a free Funko Friday! Today we can talk about whatever we want related to Funko Pops! Well, I decided to talk about SPN Pops. Supernatural is one of my favorite fandoms, and I have a lot of pops related to it. My favorite character is Cas, but I love Sam as well, and Crowley. Okay, and Dean. I guess I love all of them!

spn, supernatural, funko, funko pop, funko friday, depepi, depepi.com

I’ve recently got these two wonders as a present: the King of Hell, a gorgeous Crowley, and a mini Castiel. There is another version of Crowley with red eyes, but this one just works fine with me :) Mini Castiel is my key holder at the moment, and he’s going up and down with me. So, if you find him in several photographs, it’s normal. He has no choice but to come along.

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