X-Men Apocalypse Review & Giveaway

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I went to see X-Men Apocalypse this Monday, and since I got two small posters, I thought that I would do a review and also a giveaway with them. I usually go to Marvel movies rocking some Marvel fashion. Since this was an X-Men movie, I decided to go with my X-Men cardigan! [I also have a Storm super cool tee, but it was chilly, and since I love many of the characters, I decided to rock the cardigan.] I loved the movie despite having a very mono-dimensional villain. Apocalypse was too plain, but the whole movie was fantastic. [You know I am super picky with how villains are crafted. Depending on how good Villains are, so Superheroes will shine more.] However, we do find someone excelling his part: Magneto! Professor X and Magneto have a very special relationship, and so does Mystique. Thanks to these three characters, I’d say that the movie overcomes the mono-dimensional Apocalypse.

[SPOILER ALERT: if you haven’t seen the movie yet, please refrain from reading more about the review. At the end of the post you’ll find the widget to take part in the posters giveaway.]

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Comics THORsday: The Vision #6, Family

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Comics THORsday reads the Vision #6. In the last issue, we saw how broken the Visions ended up. However, in this issue we discover how human they are, and what the Vision is giving up for his family. That what has been broken can be repaired, but, can we take shortcuts for that? Machines will always try the easiest path, but, don’t humans do the same? When we are confronted with two different ways of action, don’t we try the simplest way? Granted, sometimes we also try the hardest, but that’s unusual. It looks like the Vision is going to try the steep path. But, will he end up doing so?

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(C) Marvel, the Vision #6

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Villains Giveaway: because, everybody likes a good villain!

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Villains Giveaway: because everybody likes a good villain! Exactly! We love good villains because they’re badass, they do what they want, and some are pretty handsome like Loki. Multi-dimensional villains are the best, but we must reckon that without the villains, even if they’re mono-dimensional in their attitudes, make great heroes. Without villains, heroes, anti-heroes, and superheroes wouldn’t exist at all! So, they’re the key for heroism. Without the wicked, dark and twisted villains, heroes would have no job at all. To celebrate the excellent villains that we love and fear, a group of incredible blogs has put their strength together, and they’re setting themselves to get into an adventure: a mammoth Villains giveaway! You’ll find beautiful treasures in each blog related to different villains. Do you want to know the best part? You could win one, two or even three giveaways!

Wait! What did you say? Let’s break the rules for giveaways à la villain: instead of giving away one big pot among many bloggers, let’s give away many different treasures so that we can have many winners! And with this spirit, dePepi sets to have four winners! Read why I chose these villains and took part in this giveaway by entering through the widget you’ll find at the end of the post. Also, check the links to the other blogs that are taking part in this villainous adventure to participate in their giveaways too!

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Superhero Fashion: Tights and Masculinity

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Superhero fashion is one of a kind, especially because of its tights and masculinity. Or at least, that was at the very beginning. Superhero wardrobes explain volumes about them and their authors. However, there’s a stereotype on Superhero fashion that has tainted all Superheroes since he first appeared: a cape, tights, and funky colors. Yes, the first of the modern Superheroes, Supes, is the one to blame for all that later spandex. Well, not him directly, but his creators. Why did they dressed him in such fashion? Where did the inspiration come from? What were they trying to tell us with all those tights?

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Superman is the one who dictated how Superhero Fashion would be on several levels: visually, practically and as a brand. Superman first appeared in Action Comics #1 showing off his physical strength and his fashion choices for the first time. As you already know, Superman was created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster when they were still in high school, back in 1933. They sold Superman to DC for scraps, and then Supes became the most famous Superhero ever, selling millions of copies of his comics.

In this cover, Superman is engaged in an incredible feat of strength, dress in flashy colors, tights, a cape and his undies on the tights. And it seems he has boots. He’s chosen quite a particular “suit for work,” hasn’t he?

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Loki Year 2016: April 23 to May 21, Buildings and War

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Welcome to another chapter of the Loki Year 2016! Today I’m catching up again with material from April 23 to May 21. So, this post is going to be a long one. Sorry for all the delay, but with the nervous breakdown the flu and extra work I was unable to write more than I already did! And without more excuses, we start with the Manson’s bargain, a story we can find in Loki : Nine Naughty Tales of the Trickster. So, what happens when the Gods ask a mason to construct the entire wall surrounding Asgard alone with just a horse? I can picture all your naughty faces now thinking about horses. We might well be about to read that famous myth about Loki and a very sexy horse.

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Comics THORsday: The Vision #5, Broken

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Comics THORsday tries to catch up with the Vision #5. This issue shows up how things get broken. Well, how the Vision’s family gets broken and how the members of the family try to fix the issue. While kids are at school, and while we read Shakespeare words to make it more dramatic, we discover that very profound questions appear into the minds of kids and wife. But one above all echoes more than the others: are we human? Seen with another perspective, the reader might ask himself/herself: is being different a crime? Because this is what it looks like: being different makes people fearful of one another. And humans act in weird ways when they’re frightened. The Vision’s family is no different.

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(C) Marvel, the Vision #5

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Comics THORsday: Loki Agent of Asgard #13 to #17, the art of being oneself

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Welcome to another Comics Thorsday! This time, I’m catching up with Loki Agent of Asgard, issues 13 to 17. I’ve been off for a while, and instead of creating one post for each issue, I decided to create a long post from issue 13 to 17. One of the reasons is because these issues wrap up what we’ve talked about in the previous ones, the explain the art of being oneself through Loki.

We start with issue #13, choosing one’s path. Loki is trapped by his old future self and given a choice. So, he sends his spirit to another place where he faces two previous incarnations of Loki, who give him an ultimatum: to disappear, like Kid Loki; or to assume his role. None of this solutions fits our beloved young Loki, who still struggles with his inner demons. Let’s put it on the table with a different set of terms: who do you want to be: the one society wants you to be, the one you want to be, or do you want to disappear forever? In the case of Loki, taking responsibility and be who he wants to be is a magical act. But, what about us?

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(C) Marvel, Loki AoA #13

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Geek Girls x Bloggers Spring Fling Gift Exchange

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I’m so happy I took part in Geek Girls x Bloggers Spring Fling Gift Exchange! Although there were some issues along the way, I had so much fun. First, because we did it through our favorite group on Facebook. All lady bloggers in the group are amazing, they write super interesting posts, and it’s wonderful to be friends with many of them. Second, because this Spring Fling Gift Exchange was hosted by From Girly to Nerdy. And third, because my surprise mate was Ashlee (Her Geekery)! If the combination of stars that made this happens isn’t magical, I don’t know what it is. But, I loved every single bit of it!

I’ll start with the little accident. I got a pair of super cute Loki earrings to die for. Unfortunately, Express your Fandom (a shop on Etsy), didn’t pack them well, and they came broken and bent. One of the horns on one of the Loki’s helmet was broken, and the hooks were super bent. Fortunately, the shop owners are super friendly, and they refunded the money to Ashlee. And, what do you think she did? (You gotta love the girl!)

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Lessons on Geek Anthropology: Why Mothers are Superheroes

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Lessons on Geek Anthropology gets real answering why Mothers are Superheroes. I know, parents, both mothers and fathers, are Superheroes. But why do mothers become more Superhero under their children’s eyes? If we take a look at Superhero origin stories, we’ll find out that these stories have something in common with new parents: their identities are forever transformed. I’m not saying that babies are like radioactive spiders that will bite you and give you superpowers, nor I’m stating that babies will make you fly. However, I’m arguing that parents, in particular, mothers, see their identities transformed forever when they greet with their arms open their first born.

Think about it: before giving birth to your first born, women usually define themselves with many words, but certainly mom or mother isn’t one of them. You might define yourself by your occupation, your hobbies, but certainly not with family words like daughter or sister. However, a new parent will certainly use words like Mom or Pop. Parenthood then, becomes the central characteristic overshadowing all other characteristics of the self. And that’s what happens to Superheroes!

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Total Mayhem at the Free Comic Book Day

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And so, this weekend I had a total mayhem at the Free Comic Book Day in Brighton. I was supposed to wake up at 8am in the morning, but I did it one hour later. No worries: I found all the treasures! Not only I got the free comics I wanted, I also got deals on old issues for 1 pound: five issues for only one pound! I repeat: five issues! So, I decided to try out some titles I haven’t read yet, and give them a shot and see if I want to continue reading them. I also got two comic books, including the second trade of the Lumberjanes! And, because I had to have another Loki, and because there were tons of Funko Lokis at Dave’s (yeah, that’s the name of the super cool local comic book store), I got a Loki with helmet! I had a Funko Loki without Helmet, along with a tiny Loki with Helmet. All Funko, all super cute. Thus, my Norse Gods panthon has grown with yet another Funko Loki. Let me show you:

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