Funko Friday: Warrior Women that Kick Ass

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This Funko Friday is dedicated to warrior women that kick ass. I’ve chosen Jillian Holtzmann from the Ghostbusters, Ripley from Alien, Rey from Star Wars and Uhura from Star Trek. All of them kick ass in different ways. Holtzmann is quirky, odd but amazing. She is super intelligent and creative. The machines that she creates are as quirky as she is, but that’s one of her appeals.

Everybody knows Ripley from Alien. I think she was one of my favorite characters ever when I was growing up. I saw all the Alien movies despite not liking terror films. Why? Because of Ripley! A great role model.

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dePepi’s Super Nerdy Xmas Giveaway 2016: Tons of COMICS!

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This is dePepi’s Super Nerdy Xmas Giveaway 2016! I’ve been hosting many giveaways during the year, but I’ve been planning a Nerdy Xmas one since August. Why? Because I want to celebrate Xmas with nerdy style. Since I love comics and nerdy fashion, I decided to mix these and host the craziest giveaway I’ve ever planned. There will be a total of four winners. Each of them will get one bundle. To get one of these, you only need to follow the instructions of the widget that you’ll find at the end of this post. Crazy, isn’t it!?

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Comics THORsday: Champions #1 (+ Giveaway)

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Welcome to another Comics THORsday! This week we’re going to explore the first issue of Champions, a new comic book from Marvel. It all starts when Ms. Marvel quits the Avengers, fed up with their way of doing things. As she puts it, adults punch a lot but don’t fix anything. As she quits, she calls Nova and Spider-Man to a meeting to talk with them. She proposes to do something as a team, and do things in a different way. And so, they start recruiting some other heroes. They start with the Hulk who is trying to save some miners from a collapsing mine. Unable to do it alone, the arrival of the team proves a great help. And so, he joins them.

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After The Gospel of Loki: Runemarks

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I lost count on how many times I’ve read The Gospel of Loki. Now, I plan to re-read it after I finish Runemarks. If you haven’t got your hands on these books, I recommend you to do it soon. The Gospel of Loki is one of my favorite books. It’s funny, witty and it makes you love Loki regardless of all his tricks and misbehaviors. Runemarks seems to be a great read as well. However, I wasn’t expecting the book’s size! (It’s going to be a challenge to put these two books together on a shelf!)

If you’ve been following this blog, you already know that Loki is one of my favorite characters. And so, I feel the need to read all things Loki. When I first read The Gospel of Loki I was delighted: Joanne M. Harris has captured the trickster in all his glory. Thus, there’s no surprise here I will read Runemarks too.

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Nerdy Bookworm Box November 2016 Unboxing

Yay! The Nerdy Bookworm Box November 2016 unboxing is here at last! Since I was visiting my parents, I couldn’t unbox this beautiful treasure. When I landed, the first thing I did was to open the box! I must say that this subscription box is one of the best out there. The jewel in the box is the book, of course. However, there are many other goodies that you’re going to love if you subscribe: a scented candle, geeky treats, and digital extras.

The book in the box was Moon Chosen by P.C. Cast, the first book of a fantasy series where animals accompany humans when darkness comes. The box also contains a Magizoology candle that celebrates J.K. Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

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Funko Friday: Shieldmaiden Funko Pops

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This Funko Friday comes with some badass Shieldmaidens. Although not all these Funko Pops are Vikings, we can agree that all these characters are strong and compelling. Emma Swan, Snow, Lagertha and Khaleesi are strong female characters that show us different types of personalities. You might not like some of them, but they let us explore different ways in which women can show their strength and feminity.

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Comics THORsday: The Unbelievable Gwenpool #7 (+ Giveaway)

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Welcome to another Comics THORsday! This week the Unbelievable Gwenpool starts fighting the Teuthidans, an alien squid race from outer space. While she hides from these squids, she finally makes it to meet the client. He turns out to be a very ordinary and boring guy. He aims to bring normalcy to the comic book universe. Said in other words, he wants to make of his Universe one that resembles ours. A Universe without Superheroes, Mutants, etc.

Gwenpool has fooled the squids by putting her outfit on a baby pig. It seems that the squids aren’t very smart yet.

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Collecting Funko Pops: Great Places & Awful Places

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This week I want to share some tips for collecting Funko Pops. In particular, some great places and an awful place where you can find Pops online. Living outside the US makes things spicy when you want to get your hands on some exclusives. I’ve changed countries a few times during the last five years. Having a list of places online where to find your Pops is paramount to be a happy collector. This is my list. (Unfortunately, there’s a place to avoid at all costs.)

1. Popcultcha

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Popcultcha has been sending me Pops to three different countries. They’re my top choice to get my hands on difficult-to-get Pops and presents. They’re quite quick, their customer support is also nice, and they also have great deals. There’s only a catch: remember that they’re down there and that their customer service might be sleeping when you decide to phone them! There is a plus with these guys: they have a pennies program. You can collect the pennies and exchange them for discounts. If you collect lots, you might get free Pops!

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What I’m Watching: Lucifer!

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What I’m watching at the moment is Lucifer. It’s a weird choice for some, but an entertaining one for many others. Lucifer is an alluring, multilayered, and sexy character that will enchant you from episode one. Even if he shows traits of pure evil, I must confess that I find him quite naïve. He apparently doesn’t understand humans. He finds them as thrilling as puzzling. Eager to experience more from the world his Dad created, he keeps on having fun helping solving crimes. Most of the time he is a pain in the ass, but a lovely one.

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An Elf’s Tale: A One Way Ticket to Elfheimr

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An Elf’s Tale follows with One Way Ticket to Elfheimr, a fantasy land inhabited by Elves. Some believe that Elfkind was created by the Holy Blast, others believe their origins can be traced back to the Holy Cow. However, there is one Elf that thinks otherwise.

All my friends told me not to go to San Diego Comic-Con this year, especially because the United States wasn’t the same since Trump was the Douche President leading the world to massive Armageddon. I wanted to attend the Con in the Land of the Free, and I knew this was my last chance. I had dreamed of going to San Diego Comic-Con since I was a child. My devotion for comics was fierce, but my obsession for collectibles was even stronger. I was determined to buy as much as possible before the end of days, even if I couldn’t enjoy anything.

I landed at San Diego International Airport without any issues. In fact, it was a beautiful day. The next days were going to be great: I would enjoy the Convention of my dreams and engage into Geek Mayhem. I wasn’t the only one excited: there were families and lots of people preparing themselves for the great days ahead. I was exhausted, really exhausted. If Star Gates were in use, traveling from London to San Diego would be a pleasure. Alas, we were still canned in aircrafts and forced to spend hours sleeping or making time watching crappy movies.

Everything seemed pretty fine. You land, and then you go through customs, and then you fetch your luggage. Can you believe that I never made it beyond the baggage hall?

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