Comics THORsday: Spider-Woman Baby Talk #1 + Giveaway

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Comics THORsday invites you to read Spider-Woman Baby Talk #1 and to take part in a great giveaway! If you’re not sure about Spider-Woman, share the love below and win a digital copy of Issues #1 & #2. But, hang on a second!? Is Spider-Woman pregnant!? Yes, she is, and very much so! If you’re a mom-to-be, or a mom, and you’d love to start reading comics and find a Superhero very much like you, this is your comic. I’m not a mom myself. However, I found that Spider-Woman pregnant was a very positive message to send out there to many women: being a mom is being a Superhero. You’ll find out that Spider-Woman might be relating to you much more than you might be thinking. She is working and kicking ass while she is pregnant, like many other working moms out there. But, does this comic have anything else to offer you?

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Unboxing Marvel Collector Corps Women of Power Box

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Tada~! Another fantastic unboxing Marvel Collector Corps post with Women of Power! Funny, and at the same time, not funny at all, when you have the mail carrier ringing your bell at 7.30 am in the morning. I jumped like it was the end of the world! Why? I was sleeping like a rock! Every time the mail carrier comes around 7 am in the morning and rings the bell I jump and get scared. I could tell you many reasons, but I think it might be connected to the Big Earthquake I experience in Tokyo back in 2011. It wasn’t until I had the Women of Power box between my hands that I could start processing what was going on: cool goodies inside a box. And this time, it’s all about Women of Power!

I must admit that I’ve seen spoilers around. I couldn’t escape them since I saw everything on Instagram. However, I don’t mind them. For me, unboxing is an experience that has to be savored with your senses, and that implies touching the goodies. As you know, some of my favorite Marvel Superheroes were featured in the box! No wonder I was super excited to find a super cool Spider-Gwen tee in it! (I’ve been fangirling about that tee during all morning!)

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Lessons on Geek Anthropology: shipper fans, passion and love

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Welcome to another installment of lessons on Geek Anthropology. We’re going to talk about shippers this time. As you recall, the Shipper is a fan who is more interested in relationships of the characters she/he loves than the canon stories within the fandom. These fans can ship any combination. Characters might be from different fandoms, the same fandom, or they can ship themselves with the chosen favorite character. Some people might argue that shippers are less of a fan just because they might be focussing all their passion in the ships they like the most. However, shippers are as valid fans as any other fans. So, why do shippers tend to be seen as less than others? Why might a particular fandom roll the eyes when shippers start to swoon?

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Warcraft, the movie. And… Oh, Lothar!

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I saw Warcraft, the movie, last week and I must say that I swooned with Lothar. If you choose Travis Fimmel as one of the main characters for an action kicking-ass movie, rest assured that I’m going to hit the cinema sooner or later. For me, Rager, aka Lothar, was one of the great deals. However, Garona was the one who hit closer home. Despite being a hell-of-a-long movie, it felt short. Yes: two hours in the cinema watching action, magic, spooky orcs and sexy warriors didn’t feel like enough. I wanted more! (I hope there’s another movie because I need it!) While Lothar gained all my sympathies and the Orcs my repulsion and respect in same amounts, it was Garona who made me feel the chills: child of two worlds, caught in the middle of them both and trying to survive.

[SPOILER ALERT: this post contains mild spoilers. If you haven’t seen the movie yet and don’t like even the tiniest spoilers, I recommend you to refrain reading this post. However, if you’ve seen it or are cool with mild spoilers, please be my guest!]

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The History of Comics, Including Women. The Era of Invention (part 2)

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The History of Comics, including Women, continues with the Era of Intention part 2. In part 1 we discovered the origins of comics and great artists. Today we keep up with our list discovering some badass women who made their living out of comic strips.

Kate Carew (aka Mary Williams Chambers Reed, 1869-1961) was a famous woman caricaturist who lived a bohemians lifestyle and married three times. She was billed as ‘the only women caricaturist’and she too adventures her ink in strips with ‘The Angel Child’ (1902). This strip narrates the adventures of a baby-talking little girl who gets in trouble every single day. By 1911 she was writing and illustrating satire for the New York American and made fun of the anti-suffrage movement.

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The Wright Brothers and Kate Carew (before 1912)

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Loki Year 2016: Weddings and Fans

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Welcome to another chapter of the Loki Year 2016! We’re reading about weddings and fans from lessons 5 to 7 (Book 2) from the Gospel of Loki. I know, one day later than usual, but better later than never. In these three lessons that we’re going to read, we’ll find three funny tales: Loki’s wedding with Sigyn (and sexual adventures with Angrboda), Thor disguised as Freyja to recover his stolen hammer (the disguise was Loki’s idea), and Thor and Loki gaining popularity and meeting their best fans ever, Thialfi and Roskva. These three stories are funny, especially if you have to picture Thor in a braid’s dress and with bad temper because someone has taken his beloved Mjolnir!

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Comics THORsday: Spider-Gwen Most Wanted?

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Comics THORsday comes with one day of delay reading Spider-Gwen Volume 0: Most Wanted?. We are exploring an alternate Universe where Peter Parker wasn’t the one bitten by a radioactive spider, but Gwen Stacy. She becomes Spider-Woman. She’s smart, charming and has super strength. However, as happens with Peter, she has a trauma: with great power comes great responsibility indeed. What she fears the most is to lose the people she loves. Gwen is a teenager with great power, someone with a special relationship with her Dad, a police officer. And she lives in a Universe where Daredevil, Matt Murdock, is evil!

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Superhero Fashion: Inspiring Fear through Anthrozoomorphism

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Superhero fashion can let you inspire fear through anthrozoomorphism, that’s becoming a beast. Some Superheroes, like Batman, base their wardrobes on animals that inspire fear. Granted that a bat might not seem really strong, but it does inspire fear, especially if it appears in the night and surrounded by shadows. Hybrid animal-human figures have been around us throughout our history. Just think about the ancient Egyptian Gods and you’ll find a great pool of therianthropes and half human half beast creatures. This cocktail of human and beast can be terrifying for us as humans, especially if we think of ourselves as the top of the pyramid on earth. On one hand we think of human-beast being as Gods, but on the other we see them as a curse and terrifying. So, why would anyone like to be a beast? Someone who wants to inspire respect and fear. Establishing associations between the features of animals and how humans perceive their personalities, some Superheroes have nailed it when designing their wardrobe. Though predators might be the most logical choice when thinking about what animal to become, some Superheroes have chosen psychological fear and thus, lesser animals to make their enemies scared to death. [Think about bats and spiders here.]

Let’s take Batman as an example of Superhero that chooses a particular animal and bases his super fashion on it.

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Story Cubes Prompts: The Fairest of them All! Regina and the Evil Queen!

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We return to have Story Cubes prompts on the blog! And we return with the fairest of them all! The Evil Queen is back, and so are the Story Cubes prompts. I chose the “enchanted” Story Cubes to start this section again, and I got: a mirror, a dwarf (or gnome), and a gremlin (it looks like a gremlin, but it could also be an evil creature). And the first thing that appeared into my mind was the Evil Queen! As you know, I’m a huge fan of Once Upon A Time, aka OUAT. One of my favorite characters is Regina, the Evil Queen. So, I was super happy to get this combo. I know, it’s not perfect, but it triggered Regina into my mind. As you might already know, Regina has split into two entities: Regina and the Evil Queen. Thus, returning with the Story Cubes looks like evil magic!

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Loki Year 2016: The dream Wizard

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Welcome to another chapter of the Loki Year 2016! Today we’re going to explore a little bit what Tom Hiddleston did with Loki onscreen. We’re going to examine it through the lens of Geek Anthropology of Loki’s Army. Actors and actresses are wizards who light up our imagination: they make us dream. Their job is to make us believe in the characters they portray. In some cases, the portrayal is so perfect that fans can mistake the character for the real person. There’s a joke among Hiddlestoners who love Loki: that Tom is really Loki in disguise on Midgard. As happens with many other stars, his image is retouched, photosoppped and manipulated mixing his face with endless bodies, dressed or naked, that thrill the imagination of the fans that create the manips and those who enjoy them. Tom and Loki can then become just a person or a ship (Tomki) that might have adventures in comics drawn by fans or fan fiction. The dream Wizard is not only fuelling creativity but as a person he’s suffering extreme commodification. Actors and actresses, real images have become goods for trade, packs of information to copy, imitate and share.

Slash example. Thor and Loki.

Slash example. Thor and Loki.

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