What I’m Watching: Magic and Documentaries

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What I’m watching at the moment can be found on Netflix (yes, talking about Netflix again!) I’ve been having fun with magic on Netflix, but I’ve also got into some fantastic documentaries on feminism and masculinity. I’ll start with the fun part, and then I’ll get serious.

1. Merlin

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Merlin is a jewel! I had no idea this show was so good! I discovered it by chance on Netflix, and I decided to give it a go. Now I understand why Merlin’s fandom is still so strong! (And also why you ship Merlin with Arthur!) If you haven’t seen this jewel yet, please do so. It’s amazing! The only problem: you’ll like to see it forever! Alas, there’s all there’s to be on Netflix. So, chill and enjoy the magic!

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August: Pride, Packing and Moving

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August is proving to be stressful with the Pride, endlessly packing to moving to a new house soon. The Pride was fun, but packing and moving aren’t that much. If I’m correct, this will be my 9th moving. The worse packing experiences of all have been international ones. Trying to move from one town to another can be challenging, but try to change countries without getting mad. It’s almost impossible. Because I knew I would be forever packaging during August, I decided to enjoy the Pride at a 100%.

Let’s be honest, even having a perfect day of fun won’t make you feel less stressed when putting in boxes all your belongings and letting people in the flat for the Landlord to rent the place again while you’re working at home. It’s madness. Working from home has its perks, but it also has its downfalls. Getting people in while you are plotting marketing campaigns to take the world isn’t fun. First, you get paranoid someone will see something. Second, you get paranoid because your working time is running off. Third, you get paranoid because you want to kick them out from home right away: “I need to work, folks!”

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Loki Year 2016: Beauty, Jewels, Love, Trickery and Fame

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Welcome to another chapter of the Loki Year 2016! I’ve been very busy during these last weeks, since I’m moving to a new house soon. And so, I missed some meetings with Loki year 2016. So, today we’re going to do all the missing chapters: the necklace of the Brinsings and Skirnir’s journey from Gods of Asgard : A Graphic Novel Interpretation of the Norse Myths, in the World of Hiddles from Geek Anthropology of Loki’s Army, and Book 3 lessons 1 to 5 from the Gospel of Loki.

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Let’s start with the Necklace of the Brisings. As you know, Freyja is the Goddess of beauty, but also war. So, how come the most beautiful Goddess of Asgard also became a terrifying one? We could blame Loki, but in fact, we also have to blame her insatiable wish for beauty. There were four famous Dwarves in Svartalfheim. They were famous because of the weapons and jewels they created. But there was something in particular that was famous because it was the most beautiful thing in all the realms: a necklace. Freyja, crazy to be the most beautiful creature to walk all realms, set foot in Svartalfheim and asked them the necklace. But they weren’t so eager to give it to her. Unless…

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Funko Friday: Doctor Strange and Doctor Cumberstrange

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Funko Friday is back with Doctor Strange and Doctor Cumberstrange. I wasn’t a fan of Doctor Strange until I started to read the comics this year. The art is fantastic, and the story is compelling. But I must confess: I started reading the comics because I couldn’t wait to see Cumberbatch on the big screen as Cumberstrange! It turns out that the comics are brilliant! And so, now I have high hopes for the movie. And when this happens, I need to own the Pops. There are two different versions of Doctor Strange so far: the comics one and the Cumber-version. And so, I needed both. Plus, there might be more in October thanks to Marvel Collector Corps. (Guess who is going to get one of the boxes! Yes! Me!)

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The History of Comics, Including Women. The Era of Proliferation (Part 2)

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The History of Comics, including Women, continues with the second part of the Era of Proliferation. We’re going to meet Batman and discover how the shop system worked. In May 1939 DC introduced the Batman, created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger. Batman was very different to Superman. It was first published in Detective Comics #27 bringing on the spotlight its heavy pulp roots (especially The Shadow). By 1948 Kane was doing very little art on Batman, so other artists took its place.

Witnessing the murder of his parents, Bruce Wayne decides to devote his life to fighting crime. When he becomes an adult, and after years of study, he becomes the Batman. Batman draws influences from pulp heroes like the Shadow, detectives like Sherlock Holmes and Dick Tracy, and other characters like Doc Savage.

So, DC had two very different Superheroes: Superman (who would stand for hope and justice) and Batman (who would stand for fear and vengeance). These two heroes couldn’t be more different: Clark came from a humble house in Kansas (and had alien origins, the ultimate immigrant), and Bruce came from a billionaire family from Gotham (a metaphor for New York, perhaps?)

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(C) DC, Tales of Batman, Lein Wein

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The story of a Geek Girl: Why Kid

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The story of a Geek Girl meets its second chapter: why kid. Why kids can be exhausting creatures for they never get tired of asking why things are the way they are. Rules without logic are but useless, and the authority of parents and grandparents is measured by their ability to convince the kids with their explanations. In short: they are a “pain in the ass!” I’m afraid to confess that I was a why kid. I needed logic and real proof that the world worked in the way my parents and grandparents said it work. I wouldn’t accept a “things are like this” answer at all. And so, as soon I was able to talk, I would just ask why endlessly.

My grandmother had patience as firm as a rock. Even now she tells me the same episode repeatedly because she was fed up of me trying to go to the kindergarten. Yes! You read it correctly: while the other kids would cry and make a fuss when their parents brought them to the kindergarten, I would make the same every single Sunday. The reason? I didn’t understand why there was no school at all on Sundays! What’s a free day in the life of an adorkable why kid? Does free day even exist for them? For me, it didn’t.

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Geek Anthropology of Loki’s Army first Anniversary

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Geek Anthropology of Loki’s Army first Anniversary is here! One year ago, the printed version of Geek Anthropology of Loki’s Army saw the light. I couldn’t be more proud of it! And to celebrate the first year of life of this baby, the digital book is available with a great discount on Kindle from August 18 to August 25, 2016,. Loki is one of my favorite characters ever. I spent two years having fun discovering all about Loki. Writing a book is challenging, but if you choose a topic you’re passionate about, you will certainly achieve your goal.

Fandoms can be great inspirations to be creative. Some people decide to create fan art, others write fan fiction, and others write about geek anthropology. Writing this book opened the box of Pandora for me: I’m writing more about fandoms and geek anthropology!

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Funko Friday: Channeling Girl Power from Marvel Pops

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Funko Friday is channeling girl power from Marvel Pops this week. Why? Because we need excellent female Superheroes representing us everywhere! And that includes cute Funko Pop collections. As you know, I am a huge Marvel fan, and so I collect Marvel Pops. These adorable figurines can spark creativity, moods, and also emotions. My favorite collections live on my working desk. And one of them is female Superheroes! Let’s take a look at them!

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Comics THORsday: Vote Loki #2 + Gwenpool #2 (& Giveaway)

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Comics THORsday comes late with Vote Loki #2 and Gweenpool #2. Plus, at the end of this post, you’ll find a giveaway! You can win digital copies of both comics. But first, let’s start taking a look a Vote Loki #2. This comic parallels the US elections: Loki seems to perform in comics what Trump is doing in reality. Many people are just fed up with all the corruption and politicians ignoring them by giving them empty promises. Once in power, everything is forgotten. But, Loki, our Trump in the comics, is promising that all evil will go away. However, we do know Loki: he will be the God in everybody’s mind. And so, when dirty news appears about him, he admits that he did it. In this case, he admits that he has a cult that is adoring him. His excuse? He is a God, and there’s freedom of religion.

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The History of Comics, Including Women. The Era of Proliferation (Part 1)

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The History of Comics, including Women, continues with the Era of Proliferation, a productive time for comics, but a depressive one for the economy. In the Era of Invention part 2 we discovered all about frivolous flapper girls. However, the Depression would have no place for them. In a time, of restriction and harsh economic conditions for many, the need for hope was enormous. America was facing the organized crime that came from the 1920s, but it was the crash of the Black Tuesday of October 29, 1929, that created the massive catastrophe. Millions of dollars were lost, many people committed suicide, crime rose, and the roaring flashy attitude of the 20s died away.

No wonder, we saw the rise of Pulp heroes like the Shadow or detectives like Dick Tracy. During the 1930s radio heroes dominated the arena. One of them was the Shadow. Crossmedia started with the radio, so Pulp heroes (and Superheroes as well) would have their radio shows. Walter B. Gibson, under the nickname of Maxwell Grant, would write hundreds of Shadow stories from April 1931.

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The Shadow

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