Some Thoughts on Violence and Nipples in Media

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Today I want to share some thoughts on violence and nipples in media. From quite a while, I’ve been pondering to watch the Walking Dead or not. However, yesterday’s spoilers on Twitter made my decision easy. After seeing some gruesome spoilers of the first episode of season 7, I decided not to join the tribe. Why? Because of too much violence. Just after seeing how Neal dispatches Glen with a bat, an idea came in a flash into my mind: women’s nipples. You might think that this is a pretty odd connection to make: gruesome death and female nipples. However, they’re quite related in media and our minds for different reasons. Let me explain.

Think about our levels of offense: we can see sheers amounts of blood, but we get offended when we see something sexual (or something that we, as a society, have oversexualized; so yeah, a girl eating a banana, even if innocently, can be offensive). The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones are just two super popular shows that show up sheers amounts of violence. And it seems we have no problems at all with the amount of blood on screen. It makes me wonder if we’ve become vampires. Seriously!

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Funko Friday: Spider-Gwen is so adorable!

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Funko Friday is back with Spider-Gwen, one of my favorite Pops. She is so adorable and cute. So much so, I have a small Spider-Gwen collection: unhooded and unmasked, hooded and unmasked, and mini hooded and masked. I also got my hands on a Lego version of her. Plus, a friend of mine gave me a Tsum Tsum Spider-Gwen for my collection! I couldn’t be happier!
One of my favorite versions is the hooded unmasked one. The reasons are pretty simple: I like to wear hoodies myself, and I love the Pop!

Spider-Gwen is an energetic teen who saw her life changed in the bite of a radioactive spider! In this alternate reality, it’s her the one to be a Super Spider and not Peter Parker. What’s more, she is haunted by the death of Peter. Although she is strong, independent and practical, she has a soft side that makes her really relatable.

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Comics THORsday: VOTE LOKI #4 (+ Giveaway)

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Welcome to a Comics THORsday! This week we Vote Loki in its fourth and last issue (and we also have a giveaway). In this final issue, we get to know who wins the election. It’s a moment of distress and chaos: supporters of Loki and those against taking the streets in a bad way. Fear is running amok in the streets, and so chaos is the norm. There’s a great deal of social unrest, to the point that Loki decides to ask Nisa Contreras a little bit of help to stop all the chaos that’s happening around. Will Loki have enough power to stop all the chaos just three days before the election?

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Something to be proud of: backing & helping fellow bloggers, authors and artists

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There are many things to be proud of. For me, one of those is backing and helping fellow bloggers, authors, and artists. It doesn’t matter how you decide to help; the thing is that you end up helping projects that align with you. Helping others to realize their projects helps in having more diversity on shelves and screens. Think about it this way: mainstream won’t listen to you unless you’ve changed the game. To change it, you have to create something or help someone else do so.

I like to use Kickstarter and Patreon for that. There are tons of projects waiting for someone to lay eyes on them. True, not everything will tune with you. However, be assured that you’ll find something you’ll like. And, who knows? Maybe, one day, you’ll be the one asking for help to see your project out there in the wild.

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Superhero Fashion: Who is Iron Man? Stark? Or his armored suit?

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Sometimes Superhero fashion is all about technological enhancement. Let’s think about Iron Man? Who is the Superhero here? Tony Stark, or his armored suit? Iron Man is more identified by his costume than for the human inside it. Iron Man is an augmentation of a man, a human that has added technology to himself and become Super thanks to technology. But, this leaves us with a human and non-human paradox. How much of Stark is a machine? How much of Iron Man is human?

Stark envisions and creates Iron Man’s suit. He is the owner of it. However, Iron Man cannot exist without the suit. There would be no Super Stark without the suit. In essence, Stark has a little bit of Cyborg in him since he has a device in his chest that lets him live. However, being a cyborg brings questions on how human Stark is, and even how unique he might be.

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Loki Year 2016: Loki and snakes don’t compute

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Welcome to another chapter of the Loki Year 2016! Today we’ll discover that Loki and snakes don’t compute. Loki is famous for not liking snakes very much, especially if they let poison into his eyes. But before we explore Loki’s allergies, we’ll take a look at Thor’s journey to Utgard and Thor’s duel with Hrungnir from the eyes of Gods of Asgard : A Graphic Novel Interpretation of the Norse Myths. In Thor’s Journey to Utgard and Thor’s duel with Hrungnir, Thor plans to go to Jotunheim and fight Jotuns on the ground. Loki, of course, asks him to reconsider. Thor was going to go alone, but then he lets Loki join the fun. Because there’s a long journey ahead, they stop for dinner in a nearby farmhouse. Because it’s a penniless family, they have no meat. So, Thor offers one of his goats. They regenerate at night, so there should be no problem, right?

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Fandom Friday: 5 favorite shows to binge 2016 edition

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Fandom Friday is back with a new banner and new look! Before starting with my list of five favorite shows to binge before the year ends, I’d like to explain how this Fandom Friday changes. Until now, I’ve been following the topics of Fandom Friday according to the group Female Geek Bloggers. However, not always the topics tune with me, nor there are topics out there. So, I decided to continue with topics that appear into my mind. I hope to keep it every week, or at least every two weeks. So, which are the shows that are suitable for bidging before the year ends?

1. Once Upon a Time

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With the sixth season going on, this is a perfect show to enjoy from now till the year ends. I know, five seasons and an ongoing sixth one can be challenging. But even if you need to keep on binging after 2017 begins, this show worths it! It has fairy tales, badass female characters, and a handsome pirate. What else do you need?

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Funko Friday: Batgirl of Burnside Funko Pop

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Funko Friday is back again. This time with Batgirl of Burnside, a super cute Funko Pop. Although I’m not much of a DC fan, I am reading Batgirl of Burnside. Barbara Gordon is funny, smart and a strong teen. So far, the comic portrays her in a right way; that’s why I keep on reading it. In my Funko Pop collection, there are only one DC Pop: Batgirl! The other two figurines in my collection are two Rock Candy figurines: Wonder Woman and Batgirl. And a Funko plush: a pink Batman. (I don’t like Batman, but I found this pink one hilarious.)

This version of Batgirl is fresh and sharp. I think she is fighting Spider-Gwen in sales. Or at least, that would be the counterpart in Marvel. Her outfit isn’t that dark, and it’s made with stuff you would find easily in stores. (Tips for future Cosplay ideas.)

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Comics THORsday: VOTE LOKI #3 (+ Giveaway)

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Welcome to a Comics THORsday! This week we Vote Loki in its third issue (and we also have a giveaway). We’ve seen that Loki is playing tricks to have more votes. What is his ultimate goal? In this issue, we find Latvia run with terrorists. But, are they really on their own agenda or someone else’s? Meanwhile, we can see the candidates to the Presidency of the US having debates along with Loki. Should the US send more troops to Latveria? Or less? The other two candidates are a man and a woman (ring a bell?)

This is a significant issue where we can see some parallels with reality: Latveria is the Middle East, and the other two candidates that appear in the debate along with Loki seem to represent Hillary and Trump!

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The History of Comics, Including Women. The Era of Retrenchment.

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The History of Comics, including Women, continues with the Era of Retrenchment. Here we see the rise of the television. The TV becomes the dominant mass media preferred by people, especially by kids. While the TV offered Superman’s adventures for free, comic books still cost 10 cents an issue. The Golden Age saw the birth of more publishers than the market could ever sustain later on. So, they had to change their preferred genres to survive. While Superhero comics were losing sales; romance, westerns, crime and horror saw a rise in their sales.

In 1955 the Comics Code was implemented. Some genres were banned with the code, like crime and horror. One publisher that was selling these in sheer amounts, EC, ended up leaving the business. EC tried to stay two more years in business with their “New Direction.” Other publishers found that publishing comics based on the TV was a great way for their sales. For example, Dell published Gunsmoke in 1956 and DC The Many Loves of Dobie in 1960. These comics easily qualified for the Comics Code Authority.

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